Saturday Night Sounds: Backbiter - Fvck the Bozos

Dream punks Backbiter are leaving for an East Coast tour next week and with their tour kickoff show TONIGHT (along with Seattle's Vats, Mr. Wrong and Mini Blinds at the High Water Mark), tonight's Saturday Night Sounds is in celebration of them.

It's hard to choose just one track from Fvck the Bozos, so here's all of them. The six tracks blast right by you quickly, each with a runtime under two minutes, so feel free to play it on repeat to get your fill.

Hopefully we'll see more from Backbiter soon, but until then, good luck on your East Coast tour and with Plan-it-X Fest!


Love On The Streets Fest Reloaded at Paine's Park July 9

Today is the rescheduled rain date for the second annual Love On The Streets Fest at Paine's Park, and though the weather reports aren't looking very promising today, I can only hope that the weathermen/women remain as inaccurate as they've always been. Presented by Wahoo’s Tacos, LOTS is back at it again with a reloaded lineup. The event, which supports the Franklin Pains Skatepark Fund (FPSF), includes a skateboarding competition that begins at 1pm (with a grand prize of $2000), and will be deejayed by Frank Sriracha, Fishtown Beats, and Aurize. Now, whether you’re taking in the live visual art of Distoart, Getup, and Victor Perez, or perusing the flea market for gems, you’ll want to stay hydrated and nourished with a convenient array of vendors that will include Eat-A-Pita, Philly Delicias, Pbon's Fresh Phood of Philly, Lil' Pop Shop, Sweet Lavender, HubBub Coffee, and of course, Wahoo’s, along with the Bud Light Beer Garden, which will be all at your disposal. And the icing on this proverbial cake will be a day loaded with a laundry list of fine local talent set to perform from noon till 9pm. On the slate, you'll find Creepoid, Steady Hands, Mercury Girls, Amanda X, Vicky Speedboat, Hurry, Endless Taile, Weller, and RFA representing the City of Brotherly Love. Come out to support a good cause, and stimulate your senses - fuck the rain! Paine's Park, N. 24th St., 12pm-10pm, Free, All Ages - Michael Colavita


Them Animals take the stage at Velvet Lounge on 8.17

With fuzzy chords and a sound that rivals the roar of a V8 american muscle car Them Animals sounds like the kind of band that makes your friends dingy basement party feel like the best place you’ve ever been. The guitars power through creating an infectious garage rock melody tinged with a touch of blues and vocals that have been drenched in distortion. The chorus of their recent release, Losing Feeling (streaming below), burns mighty like a track doused in gasoline and set ablaze making you want to sway and jump around, bringing a pinch of unpredictable chaos to the otherwise very tight and controlled melodic party. Listen to Them Animals below and catch them live at Velvet Lounge on August 17. - Adriana S. Ballester


Fire Nuns prove they're a fire band

We're not sure what you're sleeping on if you haven't heard of Fire Nuns yet. Their debut album, Dad, Jr., came out back in 2013 and has served as the provenance for what has only so far proven to be an unending stream of successes. Now three studio/house releases and a live recording of their KPSU set deep, the boys are finishing up a slew of performances to record some new material.

It's not exactly definite exactly when or what we'll be seeing from Fire Nuns, but if it's anything like the Ty Segall meets the Orwells styled crop they've droppd so far, it'll definitely be a delight. Their self titled release from March was full of banger cuts that traverse a specturm of distinct punk to a fuzzy blur of addicting garage.

Fire Nuns last played the Woodstock! mini fest at the Convent on the 4th of July and we're not sure when their next show is, but make it a point to see them live. Congrats on being the newest Artists of the Month, boys!

Check out the recording of their live KPSU set below and enjoy your new favorite band.


Basement Family

Basement Family released their self-titled debut 12" via Maximum Pelt. This trio (Jeremy Lindemulder, Joel Schafer, and Alex Auby) creates fuzzed-out basement/garage pop.

You can catch Basement Family at 2040 ( 2040 West 19 st) tomorrow, July 9th, with Porno Glows, Black Thumb (WI), and Tonne (OKC).