Feel the Sting of SKGB at KFN Nov. 22

When a rubber band is stretched to its breaking point, the snap back into place tends to sting. No-wave music capitalizes on this moment - the sting of the return from an extreme to the norm. Historically prominent no-wave acts such as DNA, The Contortions, and Mars produced music that challenged sonic expectations and whose repertoires continue to provide a framework for contemporary artists seeking unabashed musical exploration. Philadelphia sound artist SKGB’s use of a Game Boy as a primary instrument runs counter to much of the joyful pop that makes up what people have come to call chiptune music, his own music sounding not unlike a Game Boy infested with rabies -  an erratic and over-driven songcraft that injects no-wave sensibilities into cheerful retro-gaming palettes. SKGB will be hosting a stacked line-up of no-wave acts tonight at Kung Fu Necktie such as the delightfully grisly Philly duo Ursula and the New York-based outfits Cellular Chaos and Radio Shock. The evening promises to be a solid outing for those who want to transcend their own expectations by temporarily transforming the Fishtown watering hole into a discordant dance hall.  Kung Fu Necktie, 1250 N. Front St., 8pm, $7, 21+ - Josh Kelly


Give Thanks to the Freaksgiving Bash

The holiday season can be a string of joyous occasions sprinkled with gifts and seasonal flavored drinks. Most of the time, it's quite the opposite, where only terrible times are had when you're forced to deal with people you have no interest in spending time with. Fall and winter festivities always mark the approaching end of the year and while 99% of us are ready for 2016 to be all sorts of over, let's spend one of the more fatty holidays of the year with some freaks.

Noisey instrumentals will come at you from all directions during the Freaksgiving Bash this Wednesday, where enjoyably mesmerizing solo acts Consumer and Dolphin Midwives will join experimental duo Gooo and Baronic Wall's space pop as they play the space at Turn Turn Turn. It'll be a fairly unconventional way to kick off a day of gluttonous mouth stuffing, but it'll be a bomb bash nonetheless. 

It's 21+ and starts at 8pm.


Buzz Alert: RadaR crafts indie rock for the dancefloor

With smooth vocals and punchy, danceable riffs punctuated by synths, DC-based RadaR offers infectious indie rock that's guaranteed to grip you on the dancefloor. Featuring soaring hooks, catchy melodies, and an electro-britpop sensibility, the band's music is instantly compelling, but their deeper lyricism offers even more for listeners to engage with beyond a first-blush pass through. Listen to RadaR streaming below.-Olivia Sisinni


Jaw Gems bring trippy neo-soul to House of Blues

Jaw Gems, a group of four guys hailing from the upper reaches of New England--Portland, Maine--are producing some of the most refreshing neo-soul music out there. Planting themselves in the same vein as artists like Thundercat and Flying Lotus, the group crafts fat and funky instrumentals that edge toward the experimental side. They band effortlessly laces their trippy hip hop beats with strong jazz influences, and maybe the occasional transmission from Mars. Catch the band opening for Lettuce at the House of Blues 12/31, and in the meantime, stream them below.-Olivia Sisinni



Protovulcan has released a video for their single, "What's Your Flavor?". This track comes from their 2016 release, Stakes Is Low.

Protovulcan is the work of Deric Criss (Aleks and the Drummer, Walking Bicycles, Charlie Deets) on drums and Will MacLean (formerly of Mercury Rev spinoff, Variety Lights) on keyboards.