Alt Rock

Baybs' "You're The Only One"

We want more Baybs! Folk rock dreampop duo is a sight for sore ears. We've got our hands on the first two singles and we are waiting ever-so-patiently for some more. If the lyrics below don't give you a sweet little feeling, tune into their single "You're The Only One" for some lovely harmonies, poppy good rockness and a solid time.

"Ocean eyed angel, kiss me on my trembling lips

How the beat of your heart, electrifies my fingertips

When stars collide they burn, burn like the sun

And you and I could purr, roar like thunder"



Foxtales Impresses with single "Save ya"

Foxtales released a new single “Save Ya” this past Friday. Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Jonathan Fox, wrote the song while he was making sense of a broken heart. Given that Fox is naturally drawn towards a more upbeat style, “Save Ya” is full of glossy pop melodies interwoven with heavier lyrics dealing with the guilt and grief that comes after a difficult breakup.

The song captures how difficult it can be to process the end of a relationship. When discussing his creative process in writing “Save Ya,” Fox explained “The more I recognized the creative walls I'd put up, and looked to move past them, the less obstructed the story itself seemed to be in getting out. And then it started flowing out." The lyrics have a natural progression as they follow the song’s narrative, and the simple but impactful rhyme scheme flows easily alongside the beat.

The sadder lyrics don’t weigh down the songs uplifting soundscape. Fox bandages his heartbreak with layers of synth and dance music. It’s encouraging to listen to. Fox especially shines on the indie-pop inspired backdrop. The fast-paced layering of electropop loops and subtle bass drops make you want to dance. It’s the sort of song that’s gratifying to listen to when you need a pick-me-up.

- Avril Carrillo


New Sun Organ LP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Sun Organ just dropped a new self-titled full-length album. Eerie, heavy instrumentation paints an unforgiving sonic landscape, which is cut through and given a personal, peaceful perspective by the vocals. That shifting balance of melody and mysterious danger is a vibrant, volatile dynamic. Dig in!


New Night Sins Album Available for Streaming & Purchase

Portrait in Silver is the new album from Night Sins, a.k.a. Kyle Kimball (of Nothing), and is available via Louisville, KY's Funeral Party. The album was produced, mixed and mastered by Nick Bassett (Whirr/Nothing). The recordings stealthily stride through the darkness in a ghostly, synth-forward manner, admittedly more akin to Depeche Mode's Violator than The Sisters of Mercy's Floodland. Night Sins will be bringing the retro dance party into the shadows this evening at Johnny Brenda's, with support from Carnivorous Bells, Forever Chasing Honey Bees, and Drowse.


Song Premiere: Kid Bear “A Simple Thing”

We are proud to be able to premiere the first single, “A Simple Thing”, from the new EP, “EP 2”, from Kid Bear. This is the Americana Rock group led by the vocals and guitar of Matt Neuroth, along with David Jamison, Dave Mendez, Erik Vaveris.

Kid Bear is celebrating the release of “EP 2” on September 5th at Fitzgerald’s with The Claudettes.