Pet Heads is the brainchild of Carlos Coronado. I wanna call it indie-soul. They have just released a video for the track "Strange Serenity". It's a dreamy tune with soulful synth and smooth vocals. The video features Mr.Coronado himself showing his best solo rhythmic steps which impressed the lady enough for her to help him finish it off. Cool and unique track with a video to match. See 'em Saturday May 6 at Handlebar in Kensington along with Yeomans, Champion Ski and The Drywall Heels. - Kris Gies




Toronto surfer folks Yeomans have released a brand new video! "My Fish Got Drunk" is a fun, easy goin, instrumental tune that I believe makes the sun rise. It'll get your foot tappin' and your face smilin'. They even lay out the chord progressions in karaoke style for you to play along with at home! This video is the most fun you can have in 3 minutes. Yeomans is at the Piston on Wednesday April 12 with Wine Lips, Evolfo and Passport Radio. - Kris Gies




The Nursery are a pop rock group from right here in Toronto. They just released a brand new track last month called "Hexes + Oh's". This tune has indie rock drums with funky basslines, smooth guitars and tinklin' keys to add a nice spice on top of the pop rock platform. It's like early 2000's indie rock...Hot Hot Heat style...The Killers but happier. Go see em tomorrow (May 26) at the Silver Dollar Room with Hot Kid, Yeomans and Madame Psychosis. - Kris Gies


Smokey & The Bloozehounds - In the Big Smoke!

Smokey & The Bloozehounds.....sultry bluesy rock n' roll from right here in the Big Smoke! Drawing influences from classic rock, alt-country, straight blues and even a little grunge. There's something for everyone with the Bloozehounds. Based on the name I think you better have some beer and/or whiskey close by while listening to them as well. They just released their latest record "Another Man's Sins" in January of this year and it's packed with whiskey soaked rock n roll. Listen to the title track to get an idea of what the Bloozehounds bring to the table. They'll be playing the Painted Lady this Thursday with Yeomans and Flamingo Báy.



By definition Yeomans were attendants in a royal household...until now when Yeomas became one of my favorite rock bands in the GTA. They have top notch garage surf vibes. Influenced by The 13th Floor Elevators for sure and as far as more modern bands go I would compare them to the Allah La’s out of California. They have an EP available that was released in 2014. The opening track “Big Bikes” has some beautifully reverbed vocals and excellent surf guitar solos. “Elijah” takes you on a chilled out adventure to a beach....back in the 60‘s. Very nice psycadellia comin from this 3 piece. They even throw an instrumental at you just to make sure you’re awake. Easily one of the best EP’s I’ve heard in a while. It’s worth spending money on. You can choose the price on their bandcamp page. Catch them live on Saturday at Bovine Sex Club with Flamingo Báy and Wine Lips. - Kris Gies