Wyldlife announce third LP and tour, play Bowery Electric on 12.30 with The Dictators

The Rolling Stones got it quite right that time, when they said "it's only rock'n'roll, but I like it." And even though the genre itself is not of the pretentious variety, it still requires specific instrumental skills (to sum it up, punch and tightness) and as much flair as possible. oh, and good songwriting is always a plus! NYC's Wyldlife deliver in all these departments with their own spirited punk'n'roll. The band is about to release their third full length 'Out on Your Block' in early 2017, and to support it they will be touring the east coast. The tour's final date will be in Brooklyn at Union Pool on January 27 (also the record's release party). Before that, though, they'll be performing at Bowery Electric in Manhattan with veteran NYC punk rockers The Dictators on December 30th.

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best Punk/Garage songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!


Power-pop trio Metalleg to play Union Pool 9/17

Good music has the tendency to grip the listener, but great punk grabs the listener by the shoulders and throws them headfirst into the pit before they have a grip on what's happening. Self described "gutter pop" trio Metalleg is a NYC-based punk band that produces explosive tracks with such immediately compelling hooks, you'd be hard pressed to not find yourself instantly diving in. "Hit of the Week" is the band's most recent release and is the sum of 10 tracks -- most of which clock in under the two minute mark -- and offers a non-stop jaunt through classic NYC-punk sounds. Landing somewhere in between the Cars and the Ramones, Metalleg's music is sure to warm its way into your gray matter, and get stuck in your ears long after the songs have stopped. Catch them headling at Union Pool Sept 17th alongside Gorilla, Wyldlife and Cozy and in the meantime, listen to the link below. - Olivia Sisinni


Weekly Features: Wyldlife

The guys in NY/NJ’s Wyldlife seem to have time traveled back to a few decades ago when The Clash where refining punk rock and Joan Jett and others were making it commercially viable, proudly planting their sound in that era, while enhancing it with an attitude vaguely reminiscent of Mr. Mick Jagger. If you are a fan of that kind of energy and haven’t heard their 2013 album ‘The Time Has Come to Rock & Roll’ then you really need to catch up.  Every song in there is a leather jacket-wearing, beer drinking, early 70s trashy party of its own. After the band made our list of "Best Emerging NYC Bands 2013" in January, we were able to get some insight from them on what’s coming next. Read Michael Haskoor interview with Wyldlife.


Wyldlife qualifies for The Deli's Best of NYC 2013 Poll's final stage (Revival Rock category)

Whilst some of us were quaffing back bubbles and celebrating the start of 2014 (14?!) New York's Wyldlife were back in 1979, unwrapping their newly purchased The Buzzcocks records and wondering when The Clash might make it over the pond. Before slicking back their hair, downing some beers, chucking on a leather jacket, shredding up their six strings and having a party in Alphabet City. From debut 'The Nicotine' EP to their first full length 'The Time Has Come To Rock'n'Roll' the band have not hidden their passion for making sweaty, scuzzy, irreverent music, and having a damn good time, fearless and thrusting as they do so. Opening track 'The Right' from the latest record kicks off with the definite and defiant statement that 'at 10pm it's time to party,' not fooling anyone that Wyldlife ever stopped their rampage and reverie. Loose morals, tight chords, rocking melodies and brash attitude. Roll on the seventies. - Francesca Baker


Wyldlife releases "The Time Has Come To Rock & Roll" + tours

With tracks like 'Sonofabitch' and 'Cowboys and Slutz,' Wyldlife's not known for mincing words. They play exactly what they mean... and they play it loud. The power punk quartet has been mixing hard lifestyles with sweet ass melodies for a little while, but their new material has gotten the formula firmly in position.

And new single 'The Right!' off just released record 'The Time Has Come to Rock & Roll' characterizes their straight-ahead guitar onslaught with the righteous rage and an amazing willingness to party (plus the vinyl looks reeeaaaally good!). Buy it today and check out the new jam below. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)