Wyatt Blair

Wyatt Blair releases new power-pop EP "For The First Time"

Though Wyatt Blair's new EP For The First Time has come out just weeks before the start of a new decade, it has a power pop sound which smacks heavily of sound from decades long since passed. A track like "Boys Night Out" has a touch of Springsteen with a guitar riff that sounds like "Rosalita" and pounding toms from "Candy's Room". "Cherry Rose" has hints of Pat Benatar and Ratt in its cross between glam metal and early Eighties new wave. And "Fear To Fight" picks up the speed with a bit of proto-punk from bands like The Cars. Even though Blair takes a lot from the music of the previous generation, there's plenty on For The First Time to please listeners in the generations of today. Take a listen to "Boys Night Out" below. - Will Sisskind


Wyatt Blair's "Cherry Rose" is pure, gleeful power-pop

It may seem as if Wyatt Blair unlocked his hook-filled guitar pop from a time vault. But upon first listen, the tireless singer-songwriter's latest single, "Cherry Rose," sounds very much akin to this city's late-seventies power-pop roots—its crunchy guitars and compressed drum sound could be easily mistaken as a Bomp/Elektra Records long-lost gem. On his forthcoming EP, For the First Time, Blair promises to dig into some personal themes, but "Cherry Rose" serves as a distraction before things get bleak. From beginning to its gradual fade-out, the escapist anthem is pure, gleeful fun.

For the First Time follows Blair's pair of two full-lengths, Inspirational Strawberries and Smoke & Mirrors. It is out on December 8 via Lolipop Records. Juan Rodríguez


King Lollipop Santoros Wyatt Blair and Levitation Room Play Brick and Mortar Music Hall TONIGHT

Some know King Lollipop as Cody Blanchard, guitarist for the legendary Bay Area garage rock group Shannon and The Clams, but to others, he's simply known as the "goblin king of the junkyard, stealing pies from all the windowsills in the wasteland!" In all seriousness, King Lollipop is an artist from Oakland that sings about dumpster diving, trolls and cheeseburgers - in a hiccuping, rockabilly-style voice. Known for having his guitar slung high and the hem of his pants even higher, he looks like he has emerged straight out of a John Waters film, which is something that we at The Deli SF can definitely get behind! He'll be performing in San Francisco at  Brick and Mortar Music Hall TONIGHT with Los Angeles-based artists Santoros, Wyatt Blair and Levitation Room along with Bay Area based DJ, Al Lover

Bringing a sleepy, psych rock style of sound to the line up will be Levitation RoomWyatt Blair is an artist known for combining elements of glam rock guitar stylings, power pop lyricism and garage rock grittiness. Last year he released his album Banana Cream Dream on Burger Records. Santoros is a group of seven that plays a style of frenetic, psych-infused garage rock. They're known to put on an energetic show, and have an album called Ancestros that is worth checking out. -Erin Dage