we can all be sorry

We Can All Be Sorry play Lilypad Inman August 3rd

We Can All Be Sorry is a band made just for you. For a Boston-based group that fails to escape the usual math-rock tag, they thrive on simplicity and utilize a hodge-podge of things you've heard and like. In the best way, We Can All Be Sorry brings you bits and pieces of bands you've seen in another basement or even in another city. They channel bands like Philadelphia's fuzz-rockers like Blue Smiley, Brooklyn's Celestial Shore (featuring members of WCABS), or other Boston boybands like Krill or Peaer. While these comparisons place We Can All Be Sorry among their peers in the Northeast, it doesn't account for a certain purity that comes from the band's sound. Whether its the genuinely sweet vocals of their frontman or the the angsty, yet polite quality to their power pop sound, their music is a unique brand of punk. Listening to tracks like "Vision Quest" from their 2017 EP Down the Hall, its like meeting the first pissed-off bedroom-popper. See them in their hometown at the Lilypad Inman on August 3rd or at Deep Thoughts August 22nd. -Allie Miller 


Buzz Alert: We Can All Be Sorry delivers technical power pop on latest release

The only thing that I'm truly apologetic about is that I'm having a really difficult time jamming Boston-based We Can All Be Sorry neatly into the lines of any clear genre. The band's latest release, Weekend Sorry, is arguably their most acessible album, and one where they really seem to have gelled comfortably into (mostly) coherent grooves (think the power pop vibes of old-school Weezer), but throwing adjectives out there like punky, poppy, jazzy, or post-whatever really does the band a disservice. Sure, there are muscular melody lines and a powerful sense of song structure, but there's also something delightfully off-kilter about the band's sound. There's the almost-reckless display of atonal play, unexpected chord progressions, and clever use of dynamics that manages to be salient on the recording, but never overtly so. It's a delicate balance that screams classical training, but is so totally devoid of pretension or obvious eye-roll-inducing technique-flexing that would cloud the real meat of the songs. The result is a refreshing display of talent that never edges toward tipping its own hand. It's also 10 tracks of kick-ass tunes you'll find hard to not be humming the hooks of. Check out We Can All Be Sorry streaming below.-Olivia Sisinni