Violent Vickie

Violent Vickie Releases New Single - Men

San Francisco based electro pop femme fatal musician, Violent Vickie has released a new single. This aggressive pop punk song entitled, Men, is a track from full legnth album, Monster's Alley, which is a collection off kilter and uniquely composed electronic tracks that will attract riot grrrls and punk rockers alike. Violent Vickie is currently playing live in the United States and Europe.

Violent Vickie Tour Dates:

May 17 -Oakland @ RCA (Scream Queens Fest)
May 19 - @ El Rio – San Francisco, CA
June 28-30-Belligham, WA (Fempowerment Festival)
June-Olympia, PDX, Seattle—TBA
July 24 – Heldne Bar – Zurich
July 28 – Pork – Berlin
August 2 – Bar 122 – Huddersfield, UK
August 3 – TBA – Manchester
August 4 – TBA – London
August 5 – Riots Not Diets – Brighton, UK