Ttotals tour the west coast

Nashville's psychedelic trio Ttotals might have not released any new material in two years, but that's not preventing them from going on tour - maybe becuse their 2014 record 'Let Everything Come Through' is an drone rock gem that deserves to be brought to the genre's fans one at a time. The group leftr on October 7 for Charlotte, NC, and will drive north and then south again to hit NYC, Boston and then Philly and Harrisbourrg, VA, with a final date in Lexington, KY on October 14. Fans of Jesus & Mary Chain and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are advised.


Ttotals at The End TONIGHT

This Tuesday Nashville veterans, Ttotals, are playing at The End with Crystal Antlers and Steven Gordon. Ttotals blends a dark 80’s ambiance, evoking Depeche Mode, with elements of psyche-rock, creating a haunting, captivating sound. Fresh off their fall tour, Ttotals are back in town (with some badass stickers) and will round out the bill nicely with Crystal Antlers’ take on raucus rock’n’roll. -Michael Perry