The Jaunting Martyrs Fritz Montana and Thunderegg Play Bottom of the Hill TONIGHT

San Francisco based gypsy blues rock band, The Jaunting Martyrs have recently re-emerged and are playing a show TONIGHT at Bottom of the Hill. The bill also includes the popular Bay Area based bands Fritz Montana and Thunderegg. This eclectic line up will have you moving and shaking on the dance floor, so spend your Thursday night at Bottom of the Hill!

By the way, The Jaunting Martyrs have also announced that they will disband at the end of the year, so if you haven't seen them play in a while or haven't had the pleasure, don't miss this opportunity.


Thunderegg Review

Mike of The Deli Magazine NYC has given us a little guest contribution. Thanks Mike!

-jordannah, sfeditor

A fixture of  he Bay area's DIY scene for well over a decade now, alt-rock group Thunderegg has gone through many changes, but have always kept the music fun, catchy, and lyrically inspiring... sort of like Robert Pollard's alt-country, if Robert Pollard sobered up a bit.

Latest record 'Not What I Meant' contains the kinds of difficulties and contradictions familiar to any long term listener of Will Georgantas's lo-fi 4-track adventures. While the title track details the problems of communicating what you mean in a relationship, album closer 'what I Wrote Down' is a country jamboree of reflective sentiments. Regrets abound, but never sounded as much fun. Check it out below. Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)