The Tendoor

I'm Here for the BOOs: Nashville's Halloween Playlist

Get tipsy off pumpkin beer? Check.
Watch Hocus Pocus and re-realize how awesome it is? Check.
Stress over the whole couples-costume thing? Check.

Create a totally badass Halloween playlist featuring some of my favorite local bands? CHECK.

Get in the spirit and give it a listen! -Caroline Bowman



The Tendoor, "Mama"

Congratulations to The Tendoor, our Band of the Month, on the release of their single, "Mama."

Fearlessly lead by Blake Milliron (of The Burps) and Riley Thayer, the now 8-piece troop is even bigger and badder than before, and their newest cassette release digs deep into the most moody and groovy side of rock and roll. Thayer's bewitching vocals drip over bluesy harmonies and keys, while the rest of the crew gives us the alt/pop/rock vibe we know and love. With a ridiculously catchy chorus and a spine-tingling ending, "Mama" will leave you reaching for the rewind button.

Purchase "Mama" digitally and/or on cassette (along with their B side: "Dragons") at, and let them knock your socks off at any of their upcoming shows. -Caroline Bowman