The Tambo Rays

The Tambo Rays to Release New EP - Recharge

The Oakland based band, The Tambo Rays are gearing up to release their new album, Recharged. In examining the sound, story and circumstances injected into Oakland-based indie-pop-rock band The Tambo Rays’ new EP, you would be hard pressed to come up with a more fitting title than Recharged.

With Recharge, The Tambo Rays craft buoyant, sun-soaked pop-rock as Sara’s infectious vocals and energy spring out like the prismatic light structures their father was famous for creating in the 70s. The EPs five life-affirming tracks respond to the uncertainties we all face with radiant positivity and saccharine, driving pop-rock reminiscent of golden-era Blondie. The EP also marks the band’s first release with Lisa Weiss (keys) who joined in 2016.

Recharge will be released on July 17th on OIM Records. Listen to the album's latest single, Get It Right Now.



The Tambo Rays Balms The Pocket Rockets DAIKON and Jason Kaminski Play The Honey Hive Gallery TONIGHT

A new venue is creeping up through the sand latent soil of SF's Sunset area. The Honey Hive Gallery is an arts and culture venue that will be hosting some of San Francisco's staple bands tonight. Leading local electro psych-gaze band, The Tambo Rays will be headlining a bill with other impressive local and national bands like Balms, who have been experiencing a well of attention for their new single, Golden Hair, Los Angeles' The Pocket Rockets, and up and coming artists, DAIKON and Jason Kaminski.

You'll be able to experience a plethora of sounds and styles in an area of town that you wouldn't expect. Click here for more details about the show! It's always cool to do something different, and these bands will be sure to put on a great show. Support local venues and people who are working hard to support the local music scene.


Friend of Tricycle Records Compilation Release Show: The Hot Toddies The Tambo Rays Kill Moi Odd Owl and BLAUS at Brick and Mortar Music Hall TONIGHT

Brick and Mortar Music Hall will be hosting a show in celebration of Tricycle Records most recent compilation, Friends of Tricycle Records vol. III TONIGHT. The Hot Toddies are an all female band that combines the styles of sunshine pop vocals and indie rock distorted riffs into one great package of addictive sounds. The Tambo Rays bring a fresh twist to the cliché indie genre, bringing a mixture of female and male vocals, a tasteful amount of vocal delay, and a truly danceable sound. Kill Moi brings some fun instruments to the night, including an amazingly incorporated horn section, as well as a taste of indie alternative rock to the night. Odd Owl brings a bigger dance feel tonight, taking on a lighter indie sound but with a contagious rhythm. Lastly, booty house duo BLAUS will be filling in the night with a DJ set of their newest tunes from their album “Black + White”. 

This show is jammed full of good music from a number of different genres – which we really like. Don’t miss out! -Victor Casillas Valle