All Brooklyn bill of garage/psych bands at The Good Room on March 30

Garage Land is a weekly series of local and international live rock 'n 'roll, garage, psyche and punk acts, curated and hosted by relatively new Greenpoint venue The Good Room, which was born on the ashes of Europa. The next showcase is this coming Wednesday (03.30), and features five noisy local bands, in the order listed below (from headliner to opener). In the picture, Dead Sexy Sheila.


Psych Rockers Stuyedeyed replace Sons of an Illustrious Father at The Deli's Psych/Indie Stage

We were bummed to learn that Sons of an Illustrious Father couldn't play tonight's Indie/Psych B.E.A.F. Stage at Muchmore's for a family emergency, but we found a last minute replacement in heavy psych rock quartet Stuyedeyed (pronounced: "sty•died"). Their hazy, bluesy psych rock will sure tip tonight's bill's balance even more towards the droney side of things. Check out their latest EP "Cursed," and our favorite track "Miscarry On" (streaming) from their debut album "BIRTH," released in January 2015.