Stello remains true to themselves in new EP, play Elsewhere 04.12

Stello is bringing its unique brand of indie rock to Elsewhere on April 12, and the world suddenly seems like a better place to live in. Stello has been a staple of the NYC music scene for the last couple of years and their brand spanking new EP Triplet No. 3: Fountain is another grand display of sophisticated chord progressions, groovy basslines, and ascending tempos culminating in pleasant harmonies and cathartic finales. The new record showcases a costant evolution in the band's sound that doesn't betray their signature traits. Listen to “Sure Enough?” from the new EP below. - Rene Cobar, photo by  Nick Deveau


Artist on the rise: Stello - live at Mercury on 01.09

If you find it strangely uplifting to listen to melancholic tunes during the holiday season, this is precisely the time for you to check out NYC Stello's latest single 'Dog on the Run' (streaming below); like a Christmas movie, it will take you for an emotional ride towards an upbeat, cathartic finale. But if this song can certainly stir up emotion, it doesn't do so at the expense of style. The band has a one year old, rather upbeat "pop'n'roll" EP  under their belt (entitled 'Five Nite'), but in their two recent singles (Pretty Thing is the other one) the group finds its comfort zone in slower tempos and moodier atmospheres, which allow the lead vocalist - whose name is conceiled online - to showcase his character, presence and versatility. 'Dog on the Run' is a rather impressive track, check it out below and don't miss Stello live at Mercury on January 9th.

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