Slight bring their fuzz soaked power pop to Silent Barn on 8.21

While the members of Slight have been busy playing in Painted Zeros, LVL UP, and Normal Person, the trio has managed to find the time to drop two EPs and a single in the span of a year. In the fall of 2015 they released their sophomore EP Hate The Summer, which improved on of their 2014 single Runsoaking their catchy power pop melodies in guitar fuzz. In title-track Hate the Summer the band's fragile vocals, somewhat reminiscent of The Lemonheads, draw memorable pop hooks, while exploding guitars in the choruses channel the raw energy of rock'n'roll. Slight will be playing the Silent Barn on August 21st. - John Honan, photo by Stephanie Griffin

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!


Painted Zeros celebrate release of "Floriography" LP at Shea Stadium on 10.30

Painted Zeros is a Brooklyn trio devising (rather) lo-fi songs that strike a happy medium between the clean, dreamy sound of dream-pop and the hyper-effected one of shoegazer, without outruling the occasional bursts of feedback-based noise. The band will be celebrating the release of their debut full length "Floriography" at Shea Stadium on 10.30, a few weeks before embarking on a tour with another local trio, Slight, who play a catchy brand of garage pop. Check out the two singles available for streaming from Painted Zeros' album, below. Their most popular single from their debut EP Svalbard, entitled "Polar Night," can be found here.