Sioux City Kid

Sioux City Kid is the Featured Act for Amnesia's April Residency + Releases Heartbreak Shakedown

San Francisco based alt country band, Sioux City Kid will be the featured act for Amnesia's monthly live music residency. This energetic folk rock outfit will host a plethora of other talented local bands like Elliott Randall and the Deadmen, Lee Gallagher and the Hallelujah and M. Lockwood Porter. The entire event is being called Sioux Days and singer- songwriter, Jared Griffin will lead his band into live music triumph as they hold court every Tuesday in April at Amnesia in San Francisco.

Sioux City Kid has also released a track entitled, Heartbreak Shakedown. Griffin's gravelly voice thunders over this uptempo folk track. Heartbreak Shakedown has morphed into a studio recording after he travelled to record a version of the song in the Third Man Records recording booth. Take a listen and go to Amnesia to check out SC Kid Live! -je


Sioux City Kid Vandella Copper and Glass at Great American Music Hall - 9/27

Tonight at Great American Music Hall will be Sioux City Kid will be headlinging a mostly local bill. This band gives country music a gritty and edgy sound. Their song Wishin’ Well features background piano riffs and a powerful rhythm section, with encapsulating vocals coming from band singer and frontman, Jared Griffin. Vandella will be slightly twisting up the music for the night, with their blues-country-indie-soul sounding music. Their song, “Shine You Up” features the strong vocals of Tracey Holland with a danceable country-rock rhythm and melody section. Copper & Glass take a classic country sound – with a large emphasis around vocals and lyrics – and mold it with an indie type sound that features keyboards and melody based choruses.

How many times do you get a chance to see bands twist up the country music genre and make it their own? Be sure to catch these bands do just that tonight! - Victor Casillas Valle