Seventeen Evergreen

Seventeen Evergreen Celebrates Album Release - 10/23

The San Francisco based neo psych band, Seventeen Evergreen will be celebrating their album release at The Chapel on October 23rd. The duo´s new EP, Epiphanie Solaire is being physically released by the Santa Cruz based limited edition vinyl label, Spiritual Pajamas. Make sure you pick up Seventeen Evergreen´s new 12 inch vinyl and check out the digital release via Bandcamp.

The Swedish rock band, Dungen will also be performing at the album release party. This is going to be a good show! Do your best to support awesome local independent artists!


Album Review: Seventeen Evergreen - Steady On, Scientist! + New Live Show Dates and Music

Seventeen Evergreen - the name just flows from the tongue and flits away leaving a smile on your stereo's face. SF based duo Caleb Pate and Nephi Evans have returned to the scene with a follow-up to their 2007 debut, and it certainly does not disappoint. The 2012 release, “Steady On, Scientist!” features eight tracks ranging in sound from something you'd hear reverberating and rattling a hardwood dance floor, to a perfect backing track for star-gazing. "President Clavioline" leads with an upbeat, intricate drum and bass vibe while the vocals bellow like anti folk prince, Adam Green. The next track, "Wasting Time/Castlefield" mellows out but still entertains with a trancy beat that tells a story from underneath a light show. "Fluorescent Kind" sounds like exactly what the title promises, beginning with vocals that sound straight out of Apollo 13 (minus any system failures) that smoothly transitions to an alien discotheque style, where poetic lyrics take over.... “Steady On, Scientist!” is an instant staple for any experimental music collection. -Kat Collins


Feb. 21 - The Chapel (SF)*
Feb. 22 - Crepe Place (Santa Cruz)*
Mar. 12 - Brick & Mortar (SF)+
*with R. Stevie Moore +with Carsick Cars and White + from Beijing

Here's a sneak peak at Seventeen Evergreen's 2014 upcoming release, Bonne Annee.

SEVENTEEN EVERGREEN - BONNE ANNEE 2014!! from seventeenevergreen on Vimeo.