Weekly Feature: Saadi - live at Cameo on 06.17

Saadi is a swirling, vibrant portal into Boshra AlSaadi’s eclectic musical mind. The former Looker vocalist brings together a cornucopia of influences that transport listeners through her musical metamorphosis. Born in Syria, AlSaadi tastefully carries over an Arabic feel to her sultry beat-driven electro pop tunes that also calls on post punk, reggae, dancehall, rock and no wave. Delicate Steve, Prince Rama, Lemonade and The Soundmen have all had their hands in reimagining the songs while maintaining the intoxicating exotic essence and integrity of the originals. See Saadi on Sunday June 17 at Cameo at The Deli's Northside Electronic Stage. Saadi's song is included in The Deli's playlist of Best NYC songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out! - Read Nancy Chow's interview with Saadi here.


Deli Shows: [Mostly] Electro Stage at Northside with Avan Lava, Computer Magic, Saadi + more

We are extremely proud to announce The Deli's "[mostly] Electronic Stage" at the upcoming L Magazine Northside Fest. Check out this lineup and come to party on Father's Day (06.17) at Cameo Gallery in Brooklyn!

8.50 SAADI

Facebook Event - Ticketlink

The Deli's Staff

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Saadi's new video for "Snowyman"

It's a great (and rare) feeling when an emerging artist we followed and tried to help with some exposure suddenly produces new material that makes us drop our jaws. This can be said for Saadi, who's been a regular in the Deli's pages/blog since she was playing in an indie rock band called Looker. Saadi, just released a 7" and video of the single "Snowyman," which is by far the best track we've heard from her this far, and it's also featured in the single in a series of remixes (including ones from Delicate Steve and Prince Rama). The video is gorgeous too, illustrating an ancient Indonesian tale of love and deception and the resulting forlornness that ensues from this deceit.