Retail Space

A Deli video premiere: Retail Space - "Dreams"

The new video for "Dreams," by Brooklynites Isabelle Burnet and Jacob Rosse (aka Retail Space) was filmed lakeside in the hauntingly beautiful fading winter. First, the duo is captured performing in a bedroom, but then the bed and window are displaced to the banks of the lake. Dressed in furs and feathered hats, the duo looks ethereal and eye-catching. The song itself, off of their debut record "In The Lotia,"  is just as appealing, with fuzzy synths and clean electric guitars, accentuated by a driving drum kit and hollowed, harrowing harmonies. “Dreams” shows craft and attention to detail, portraying a sense of utopia and a pureness of heart. Retail Space recently completed a west coast tour and will be performing at Brooklyn's Muchmore's on June 2nd. - Geena Kloeppel


Retail Space talk about the creative process on Delicious Audio

Catchy but soulful, vintage but vogue, Retail Space is a Brooklyn-based duo dropping some highly dynamic music. In a scene that is getting increasingly weary of the neo-psych aesthetic, the band manages to masterfully package synth-y, psych pop vibes with a charming, indie-folk tinge that feels crisp instead of tired. The band, who recorded their most recent release, In the Lotia, using only analog equipment, was kind enough to talk to us about their recording process, their creative process, and of course, the gear that helps drive it all forward. We recently asked the band a few questions about their creative process and the gear employed in their release, you can read about it on our sister blog Delicious Audio. - Olivia Sisinni 


Retail Space: "Getting Older" video premiere

Blending catchy synth pop arrangements and sweet vocal harmonies, Retail Space delivers a song ripe for the dog days with "Getting Older." The video, premiering exclusively on The Deli, serves up classic summer vibes and provides the perfect counterpoint to the lyricism, which explores the bittersweet experience of aging. "Getting Older," manages to capture the fleeting nature of not only summer, but the bliss of youth. Despite the weight that the theme may carry, the video manages to explore this in a way that never dwells too long in melancholic territory, and instead provides a postive narrative that lives in the moment and soaks in the sunshine. Watch video premiere below and check out Retail Space's LP In the Lotia here- Olivia Sisinni


Retail Space premieres 'Getting Older' + plays Sunnyvale on 04.27

Some very serious and kewl people don't relate to quirk in music. However, The Deli NYC is a big supporter of it, maybe because in eccentricity we see freedom. Made up of Brooklyn-based duo Isabelle Burnet and Jacob Rosse, Retail Space say they play "folk influenced-synth pop that's heavy in harmonies and warbled guitar tones," but that doesn't convey the unusual melodies of their debut single 'Getting Older,' which we are premiering below. The word that conveys that is 'quirky,' and that's what makes this track stand out from the pack. The duo will be performing live at Sunnyvale on April 27th with The Deli NYC's August 2015 Record of the Month Pupppy (with three 'p's).