Rentz Leinbach

Saturday Night Sounds: Elvis vs. Elvis, Portland Style

Tonight's Saturday Night Sounds is based on an interesting but necessary show concept, taking place on Halloween proper. Elvis vs. Elvis - Sound Judgement Halloween is happening at Valentines Monday and will be a showdown between the music world's two most famous (if not only) men named Elvis - Elvis Costello and Elvis Presley. Who's representing each respective Elvis? 

Rentz Leinbach and Rambush.

The matchmaking on this bill is perfect, as Rentz Leinbach's lo-fi country power pop and similar take on vocal play make him the esteemed man for the job. As far as Rambush doing Presley, their ability to blend various genres with an original approach make them just as good a choice to tackle the King's inventiveness.

We've included a track from each act below so you can get a feel for the cover battle to be presented at the 21+ and free show.


Rentz Leinbach is your new favorite musician

 *photo by Calvin Chen

It's always nice to switch up your musical routine and add some fresh talent to your aresenal. Rentz Leinbach is exactly who I'm talking about when I say this. The recent Deli Artist of the Month is multi-instrumentalist, inspired by greats like Guided by Voices, Hasil Adkins and Elvis Costello. He's been a solo acoustic artist (under the names the Pink Leather Tats and Root Shocker) and part of a three-piece band (Neither v. Either), but his current incarnation is quite addiciting. Rentz has got a show coming up on the 18th with Moon By You and Dim Wit at the Liquor Store, and a cassette release show at Mother Foucault's Bookshop on June 18th. He may only be one person, but he can put on one hell of a performance.