Psymon Spine record release livestream

At first I thought Charismatic Megafauna must be the name of a rubber-suited mecha monster featured on an old episode of Super Sentai which would be pretty exciting. But instead it’s the name of the new Psymon Spine album which is nearly, if not equally exciting, depending on your feelings about the hyperkenetic Japanese teen superhero live action TV drama versus the Brooklyn-based band that co-founded the Secret Friend immersive art and music party series alongside POND magazine.

Anyhow the album in question strikes me as sounding just like the cool airport lounge music of the future we were all promised as children. But instead we got phone charging stations and Cinnabon franchises rather than having sleekly-funky space-age psych-pop bands paid to serenade harried travelers and to maybe even make them dance.

But going to airports isn't too appealing these days so it’s all good. We're all far better off sitting at home in front of our computers and luckily that’s just where Psymon Spine is playing an album release party to be livestreamed tonight at 8PM EST as the most recent installment of BABY TV alongside openers Dream Chambers and Hypoluxo, the latter of whom were featured not so long ago on this very blog. (Jason Lee)


Psymon Spine to bring experimental psychedelic jams to Elsewhere on 07.25

On the surface, Psymon Spine may not seem like the kind of band that plays spiritual music, but they are a spiritual group. According to the bio on their website, the PSY part of their name stands for psychedelic parts of their music, while the MON stands for the harmonious nature in which they traverse genres of the past, present and future. The SPINE stands for the interconnected nature of the music: the connecting tissue between the band and the listener. The bio reads like scripture and the music embodies faith. A faith that a combination of folk, classical, electronic, drone, and plain old rock music will actually meld into a cohesive vision. And for the most part, this faith pays off. The songs that consist of their 2017 album You Are Coming To My Birthday find the familiar elements of each genre and amplifies them so the constant genre shifts and blurred hypnosis they conjure up always feels natural, if not engaging. It’s music that plays off the expectation of the listener in the best way; it lulls them into a dream state before inverting that dream into a wholly new creation to illustrate the beauty in everything. You can stream their album below and see Psymon Spine play at Elsewhere on July 25. -Tucker Pennington


Psymon Spine brings electro-psych rock to Alphaville 1.27

While electronica meets rock is hardly new at this point, Psymon Spine makes it sound like a totally novel idea. The Brooklyn group emphasizes the psychedelic and adventurous aspects of both genres, bringing in complex rhythmic samples, EDM beats, circling harmonies, and even folky guitar interludes. The results capture the intricacy of headier electronic music with the youthful energy of the indie rock of the early ‘00s reinassance (think Animal Collective and TV on the Radio). You can experience Psymon Spine's unconventional sound live on January 27th when they take the stage at Alphaville. – Cameron Carr


Electro-psych collective Psymon Spine plays Mercury Lounge 1/9

With canned, am-radio vocals, surf-y female harmonies, and interesting, angular beats, Psymon Spine's latest release manages to be both haunting and strangely dance-able. The four tracks that make up the self-titled EP utilize a combination of fat synths and energetic drum machine grooves as the backdrop for ethereal vocals that float at the top of the mix. Check them out for yourselves at the Mercury Lounge 1/09 with The Roofers Union, but in the meantime stream them below. - Olivia Sisinni


Talullah Ruff drops new single and plays The Gateway 10/31

With a set of effortless vocals and a strong pop sensibility, NYC-based Talullah Ruff typically crafts radio-ready alt-blues tunes, but her latest release has a decidedly electro feel. The new single, "Resilience," is a blues-soaked banger that showcases Ruff's talent of writing tracks that are as catchy as they are piercing. Her soulful vocal performance is punctutated by nuanced EDM instrumentation, that give credence to--rather than distracts from--her poignant lyricism. Stream "Resilience" below and catch Talullah Ruff on Halloween playing The Gateway with PSYMON SPINE, For Everest, Nervous Dater, Field Trip and more. - Olivia Sisinni