Electro-Pop-Art: Psychobuildings

Anybody out there following the saga of those dot paintings? The ones by Damian Hirst that have the art world running in circles trying to catch its own tail? Yeah, well, that’s kinda what this latest single by Psychobuildings reminds me of. This time Peter LaBier discards his signature warbly vocals for crisp, lean pronunciation and he brings on Amanda Warner of MNDR for some blue-eyed soul vocals. But other than that, it’s business as usual: morbidly indulgent lyrics set to prancy, darkwave rhythms. What is harder to figure out this time ‘round is whether, like Hirst, Psychobuildings is commenting on the “me-me-me” credo of the times, or whether they’re actually compliant. Given the band’s background, I’m gonna guess there’s some outsider declaration here. Either way, I hope they contact Damian Hirst’s agent and find a way to make a music video filled with bouncing dots. - Brian Chidester


Deli Best of NYC 2012 - Open Submission Results for ELECTRONIC

Since the beginning of the big recession, Electronic Music in NYC has been experiencing an unforeseen explosion, also thanks to the fact that electronic projects are cheaper and more efficient even compared to the most basic of power trios (no need for band mates or rehearsal studios...). Since pretty much any genre can be reproduced electronically, rather than a genre, the word Electronic indicates "sonic material" (as in: 'these songs are made with electronic sounds'). Hence the variety of styles included in this category.

Total submissions in this category: 43

Artists Qualified to the Poll's Next Stage (starting around 01.10)

1. Kiss Slash Crooked Smile - 7.66 (out of 10)
1. Clementine & the Galaxy - 7.66
3. AVAN LAVA - 7.50

Honorable Mentions (scores above 6.5)

I Am Lightyear, Loveskills, Mitten, Future Screens, Moon Furies, New Myths, Psychobuildings, Jonka, Late Guest at the Party, Young Heel, Maria Takeuchi.

Jurors: Jason Behrends (Deli Chicago), Jacqueline Caruso (Deli LA), QD Tran (Deli Philly).

The Deli's Staff


Psychobuildings release new video for 'Wonderchamber'

“Wonderchamber,” the new video by Brooklynʼs Psychobuildings, creeps along like an arachnid lullaby poised to disintegrate into a danceable labyrinth. Subtly political, its Nietzschian lyrics deadpan the sensual allure of an omnipresent cult leader who speaks with “glitter in his pockets” to crowds more than willing to drink his kool-aid. Psychobuildings leader Peter LaBier prances across the singleʼs video in a shirtless jiggle, gently balanced by the kaleidescope ballet effects that brings to mind Damien Hirshʼs larva collages. When LaBier emerges halfway through in a psychedelic unitard, the whole affair feels somehow enlightened and utterly irresistible. Five live shows during CMJ last week cemented the bandʼs devil-may-care aesthetic to dizzying response. - Brian Chidester 


Psychobuildings releases free single from upcoming EP

Psychobuildings often sounds like a mix between Prince and 80s new wave (in the best possible way) and their new single “Baby Cops” is no exception. The band, fronted by Peter LaBier, just released a seriously grooving new single off of their forthcoming June EP “Hearts”. You can listen to it and download it here, and see it performed live at the new Williamsburg venue Delinquency on May 24. - Amanda Dissinger

Mp3: Psychobuildings - Baby Cops


Best of NYC #98: The Strange Architecture of Psychobuildings

I'm not sure what kind of architecture you might use to construct a psychobuilding, but the band is definitely a supergroup of local freak talent. Singer/songwriter Peter LaBier has teamed up with Peter Schuette (Silk Flowers) and Juan Pieczanski (Small Black) to create Psychobuildings. These are a trio that blends towering layers of synth and percussion, creating the band’s upbeat-yet-eerily dark electronic dance sound. Songs like 'Birds of Prey' and 'Terror Management' from their past 12-inch releases, provide an aural document standing in for the manic insanity of their highly choreographed live shows. - Mike Levine