Pool Cosby

Pool Cosby plays Bowery Electric 07.20

Electronic trio Pool Cosby recently released their LP, Blind Gold, a record that's at once soulful and... brainful. With its dynamic layer of samples and live instruments accompanying the electronic experimentation, the album showcases a symbiotic relation between ambient, chillwave leanings, and a hip-hop based style. The LP also includes an intriguing selection of featured artists: single “Thrive” (streaming) features the delicate vocals of Tiger Darrow alongside subtle instrumentals that shift between a calm droney atmosphere and a dancey chorus with deep electronic kick drum beats animated by a minimal, but funky, bass line. Don't miss these guys at Bowery Electric on 07.20. - Tafari Lemma


Buzz Alert: Pool Cosby subverts the rules of pop with 'Little Do They Know'

We always enjoy quirky pop songs, but Pool Cosby, a Brooklyn sample-based electronic trio that popped up in our NYC homepage 'NYC New Bands With Buzz' chart, have pulled off something quite rare in single/video 'Little Do They Know:' they married quirkness and emotion. A warm, loungy atmosphere introduces a beautifully delicate melody sung by... a Micky Mouse relative of sorts, singing semi-unintelligible lyrics. As counter-intuitive as that sound, the song is so perfectly produced that we soon found ourselves sincerely captivated by this mysterious creature and his/her emotional depth. The video makes this process even easier, for those enjoying the ladies... and we'll leave it at that. The group is no one hit wonder - their single 'Lookin' Up ft. Valentein" recently charted at #12 on Spotify's United States Viral 50. The band is active live but currently has no shows scheduled.