02.23: Orchin brings DIY dream gaze to Moroccan Lounge

DIY dream pop crew Orchin will bring their ethereal tracks to Moroccan Lounge on February 23rd, providing a perfect soundtrack to the otherworldly feelings that one might experience during a Mercury retrograde. If communication issues, mood swings, and more frustrations than normal have plagued you throughout this past week, Orchin's music will help you to find a little meditative corner of your mind. Their album Serene dropped last August; tracks like "Othello" and "Care At All" come packed with lush guitars and echoing drums, along with Jeremy McLennan's surround-sound voice. Take a listen to "Usually" from Serene below, and catch a chill moment with Orchin on February 23rd at Moroccan Lounge before you head back into the work week. - Will Sisskind


Dream pop band Orchin releases new single, tours east coast

We don't think there will ever be a day when we'll get tired of dream pop, and newbies Orchin are a confirmation of this. Perfectly timing their June tour with the start of summer, this group of Losangelinos is about to end their US tourwith a show in Phonex, AZ, on 06.30. With a sound and aesthetic reminiscent of beloved groups such as Tomorrow’s Tulips, Cosmonauts, or Froth, their lingering, cosmic new single “I Think I” (streaming) illustrates a deep familiarity of the genre, although featuring a slightly more aggressive twist to it. - Allie Miller


Orchin look within on murky new single "Ego Deathbed"

Orchin is the noise/dream pop project of Jeremy McLennan, a multi-instrumentalist raised both in Australia and Los Angeles who combines murky, reverbed guitars with the more overcast dreamscapes of 4AD. McLennan's darker pop confections come into full force on his new single "Ego Deathbed", where we're introduced to his lamenting sigh before he lets out an uncompromising assault of cavernous distortion. It's a potent, if sightly isolated, track that gives us some insight into McLennan's psychological relief.

"Ego Deathbed" is the first single from their debut self-titled EP, to be released on March 17. - Juan Rodríguez