The Morning Sea

The Morning Sea release new LP "Half Keys" at Rockwood on 11.02

Back with their indie folk style and infectious tunes, The Morning Sea have a new record called Half Keys set for release on November 1st. The past year included big accomplishments for the band; their song "Listen Love" won two 2019 Independent Music Awards, and countless publications continued to praise their work on their past albums. Half Keys took shape entirely in band member Sonny Ratcliff's Brooklyn apartment, using all acoustic instruments and it mostly consists of first or second takes. The result is an honest and passion-filled compilation of songwriter and frontman Adam Cohen's tracks, which deals with lost love and all of the heartbreak and healing that comes with it. The Morning Sea will celebrate the release of Half Keys with a show at Rockwood Music Hall's Stage 3 on November 2nd. Take a look at the music video for the single "Mad In Berlin", and the entire LP Half Keys, below. - Will Sisskind


Weekly Features: The Morning Sea plays CBGB and CMJ Fests

Adam Cohen had been performing solo long before forming The Morning Sea, a group he founded with college friend and producer Tony Long, intent in revisiting and often updating the various aspects of traditional American music. In their seven song EP 'Strange Captive,' the band offers songs that are often fast paced, but never lose the intensity of the best folk music, nor shy away from occasionally pushing the rootsy envelop in interesting new direction. Take "Talk Yourself Down" for example (streaming): its country-ish sound is only an appearance: the song itself has nothing traditional to it, it could have been written by Radiohead during the 'OK Computer' years. 'Bit My Tongue' is a similar experiment, but flirting with desert rock and spaghetti western aesthetics.

LINK: read Rebecca Blandon interview with The Morning Sea.


From the Digital Submissions: The Morning Sea's release party on 05.15 at Pianos

The Morning Sea, a softly moving, seductive chamber-pop folk collective rotating about singer songwriter Adam Cohen, is poised to travel the world from their bathtub. Looking like a mermaid (minus the coconut bra) lost in the middle of a his tub on the cover of new record 'Strange Captive,' Cohen is one-half confessional late night crooner ('Mellow Rage'), and one-half whimsical wanderer, as in the brawling rock of 'Bit My Tongue.' The music tells slowly developing stories, of lands traveled, and seas swam, no matter how difficult the journey. Especially on the fun abandon of title track 'Strange Captive,' where Adam hopefully sings 'there is still time to face the light.' And there's still time to see The Morning Sea when the band releases their 7-track 'Strange Captive' at Pianos on Thu, May 15th. See them then and check out 'Strange Captive' below. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)