Melted Toys

Album Review: Melted Toy - Melted Toys

The sound of '80s is back and more progressive than ever, thanks to SF based quartet Melted Toys. Smooth guitar leads and thumping drum beats are easily accessible in their newest album "S/T," released with Underwater Peoples.

Easygoing, sweet vibes mixed with on-point vocal waves a la Christopher Owens build and swell in Bummed Out while things take a more post punk vibe with Horizons. A Postcard slows down with breathy vocals and rich basslines to fill the air with demure head swaying happiness. Blush begs to be blasted during a golden coastline drive with the windows down and volume up. Bongo drums make an appearance in Joy Fit as palm trees sway in the distance and echoey vocals flow over a deep bass. The group’s more techno-savvy side comes out in Citrus Honeymoon as silver synth sounds glissade over short guitar bursts and a slowed-down mood. With chill beats and slick-smooth sounds, Melted Toys bring the bacon and all of the syrup. - Kat Collins


Painted Palms Release Forever + Album Release Party TONIGHT at Rickshaw Stop

Painted Palms’ newest album out on Polyvinyl is lushness exemplified. Though Forever was just released in what some may consider the dead of winter, the album gives off a Summer vibe. With light and airy pop tunes such as “Too High” and “Soft Hammer,” the San Francisco duo comprised of cousins Christopher Prudhomme and Reese Donohue gives nods to the Beach Boys. Making sure that they aren’t another ‘60s pop revival band, the band brings electronic elements into their sonic stylings. All of these factors come together to form the cohesive pop duo that is Painted Palms.

So, if you’re interested in seeing what Painted Palms has to offer, be sure to see them at their album release party TONIGHT at Rickshaw Stop with Soft Metals and Melted Toys. -Erin Dage