Infinity Girl

Shoegaze bill at Mercury on 10.09 with Infinity Girl and Mahogany

Having released their second full length album “Harm” in the summer of 2015, Brooklyn’s Infinity Girl can be found hard at work on their third record. Although no release date has been announced as of yet, the band continue to play select live shows. On Sunday 10/9 they’ll step away from the studio long enough to play a set at the Mercury Lounge, supporting fellow dreamgazers Astrobrite (from Chicago) and ever-evolving headline act Mahogany. While “Harm” shifted away from than their previous noisier work, elements of the C86 jangle pop sound emerged. “Dirty Sun” underscores exactly what was (and still is) so appealing about this timeless sound. A blissful joy is conveyed by the convergence of rapidly strummed guitar over melody driven bass and fast, tom-tom heavy drums. The vocals provide the emotional release through a harmonic beauty evoking feelings of both nostalgia and present day comradery. While waiting for new music to be released, lovers of this should shouldn't miss Sunday's show. - Dave Cromwell


Infinity Girl releases "Harm" LP + plays Shea Stadium on 09/02

On August 28, Brooklyn’s Infinity Girl will release their debut full length album “Harm” on TopShelfRecords. The first single “Young” shows an incremental shifting towards pop music, that moves away from the loose jam sound previously explored on their 2012 EP “Just Like Lovers.” The track comes on at a quicker pace, but lyrical verses are clearer, allowing for snippets of vocal hooks to take a deeper hold. Nods to My Bloody Valentine’s “Loveless” era can still be found in the metallic pitch-bended welded shearing sound that emerge within the mix. The poppier elements owe more to the development of a song structure with a lighter overall feel. A band like The Pains of Being Pure at Heart successfully blended romantic compositions and teen angst lyrics with harsher guitar sounds, and Infinity Girl appear to be taking a similar route. However, dense layers still emerge within this track, keeping the essential feel more dreamgaze than twee. More singles from the upcoming album can be found here. The band will play a live show next at Shea Stadium on 9/2 then head to Massachusetts for a show on 9/5. - Dave Cromwell