Hotel War

I'm Here for the BOOs: Nashville's Halloween Playlist

Get tipsy off pumpkin beer? Check.
Watch Hocus Pocus and re-realize how awesome it is? Check.
Stress over the whole couples-costume thing? Check.

Create a totally badass Halloween playlist featuring some of my favorite local bands? CHECK.

Get in the spirit and give it a listen! -Caroline Bowman



Hotel War's New Music Video "Devil's Breath"

Hotel War dropped this little nugget last week: the official video for their single "Devil's Breath." The song is off their EP "Nashville Nights," released earlier this month. The video plays out like a grainy, kung-fu B-movie, with the band gallantly saving an innocent woman from the clutches of some sort of Hell's Angels Don (they drive home the point that: goatee + pony tail = clearly up to no good.) The fight choreography is shit, but the song is great. Actually, the whole EP is one wallop of screeching rock and roll, and definitely worth a listen (check it out HERE.) The trio are already back in the studio cooking up their next batch of badassery, and will be appearing on December 19th for The Stone Fox's 3rd Annual Christmas Caroling Show. -Terra James-Jura


Hotel War Album Release Show at The 5 Spot 11.8

The upside to this recent cold snap is the realization that it is officially Leather Weather. Now the jacket that would have made you look like you were trying too hard in August becomes a perfectly acceptable utility piece. And what pairs well with a leather jacket? Motorcycles? Cigarettes? Broads? How about Hotel War's brand spanking new EP "Nashville Nights?" Equal parts grit and sleaze, the trio's down and dirty follow-up to their "Rebel Out of Time" EP is a spin through the screaming, 70's-flavored RAWK that they do so well.  The EP drops November 7th, with a release show on November 8th at The 5-Spot. Below is their most recent video for "Casino Nights" for a little Hotel War appetizer. With a lineup including sax-driven party rock from Diamond Carter and barn burners from perennial crowd pleasers Blackfoot Gypsies, this is probably one of those nights that will include a fistfight with your future best friend. Or spouse. -Terra James-Jura


New Year, New Hotel War Video

Local trio Hotel War kicked off 2014 with a brand spanking new video for their single, “Casino.” The fact that there are no casinos in Tennessee notwithstanding, it’s an entertaining video that should appeal to fans of 70’s garage rock, gambling, and gorgeous redheads alike (that should cover everyone, right?) The single begs for a full length, which is slated to be released early this year. Cruise over to their newly redesigned website to buy the track and keep abreast of their shenanigans. –Terra James-Jura


Hotel War "45"

Hotel War compares themself to a ‘back-alley beating.’ Listening to the high level of ass-kick in “45,” it’s doubtful that they have ever been on the receiving end of any sort of aggression, alley or otherwise. They arrive at their sound by wrapping gritty distortion around blues and some Black Keys, and rolling it around cigarette butts, like grungy, leather-clad Martha Stewarts. It’s good stuff, and I can only hope that the promise of “great things” on their website include a full-length follow up to their recent EP “Rebels our Time.” They play the 5 Spot this Wednesday, 11/20 with Natural Outlaw, The Sandwich, and Bern Kelly. –Terra James-Jura