Greyson Anderson

Check Out the New Music Video for Greyson Anderson's Cover of Sheryl Crow's "If It Makes You Happy"

Vocalist and frontman, Greyson Anderson, briefly departs from the grungy conventions of the Nashville hard rock staple, Dogs of Oz, to cover a country classic. Though he stays true to the cathartic, sentimental characteristics of the tune, his heavier sonic influences can be detected. Playing and recording all the instruments himself, Anderson blends elements of his brand of Nashville garage/grunge with an unapologetic pop vocal sensibility. The video, featuring Anderson at a variety of locations aound Nashville, paints a picture of an unabashed young rocker willing to own an enthusiasm that might prove unsexy in a somtimes hyper-self-consciously hip rock scene. - Andrew Strader


Butthole kicks off Thelma & the Sleaze's documentary premiere on 01.13

Up and comers in Butthole open up for Thelma and the Sleaze's intra-city tour documentary about playing 30 shows in 29 days at a series of surprise locations across Nashville. Butthole is a goofy, psychedelic, fuzz rock outfit that doesn't take itself too seriously. Their tunes are a blend of charming, surfy, laid back Mac Demarco-esque attitude with just enough edge to be remiscent of female punk rockers from Patti Smith to Carrie Brownstein. The show, at Little Harpeth Brewing, starts at 9 PM on Friday night with a $10 cover that includes a limited edition Kandyland Vinyl.

- Andrew Strader