Gravys Drop

Burnt Ones Santoros Gravys Drop Swiftumz DJ Al Lover at Brick & Mortar TONIGHT

On Friday night, Brick & Mortar will be bringing together a number of garage rock acts to entertain you for the night. Burnt Ones, are headlining and will be playing some tracks from their recently released album, “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” which features some lo-fi vocals and a heavy fuzz sound. Santoros will be coming from Los Angeles to bring some folk sounds go their psych garage rock sound. Gravys Drop will also be playing some tracks from their newly released album, “Gumball” that features a 60s surf rock sound to the line-up. Swiftumz 's music will bring a much softer sound to the bill, and has a T-Rex-esque sound that will change up the sound of the night for a bit. And of course, DJ Al Lover will be playing some psych rock n’ roll music throughout the night. 

Be sure to head on out and support some great local bands! -Victor Casillas Valle