Future Screens

Future Screens plays Glasslands on 04.29

Brooklyn’s synthpop driven Future Screens are set to make an appearance at Glasslands on April 29th with Cru The Dynamic. Latching on to the so called glo-fi sound, the band executes it well with beaming upbeat instrumentals building up to catchy choruses, driven by frontman Rob Arbelo’s trancey vocals. The quartet (consisting of Arbelo, Sky Riggs, Sean Brennan and Don Lavis on drums) claims that their unique inspiration comes from “daytime television and discontinued snack brands of the Dan Quayle era.” Listen to their latest single “One Summer”below. – Michael Haskoor

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Deli Best of NYC 2012 - Open Submission Results for ELECTRONIC

Since the beginning of the big recession, Electronic Music in NYC has been experiencing an unforeseen explosion, also thanks to the fact that electronic projects are cheaper and more efficient even compared to the most basic of power trios (no need for band mates or rehearsal studios...). Since pretty much any genre can be reproduced electronically, rather than a genre, the word Electronic indicates "sonic material" (as in: 'these songs are made with electronic sounds'). Hence the variety of styles included in this category.

Total submissions in this category: 43

Artists Qualified to the Poll's Next Stage (starting around 01.10)

1. Kiss Slash Crooked Smile - 7.66 (out of 10)
1. Clementine & the Galaxy - 7.66
3. AVAN LAVA - 7.50

Honorable Mentions (scores above 6.5)

I Am Lightyear, Loveskills, Mitten, Future Screens, Moon Furies, New Myths, Psychobuildings, Jonka, Late Guest at the Party, Young Heel, Maria Takeuchi.

Jurors: Jason Behrends (Deli Chicago), Jacqueline Caruso (Deli LA), QD Tran (Deli Philly).

The Deli's Staff


Future Screens' (even) poppier Chill Wave - live at Cameo on 01.04

Anyone looking for the next Passion Pit needs look no further than Brooklyn's next potentially big chill-wave export, Future Screens. Like most quality bands, it appears that also this one was built with hooking up purposes in mind: if their song 'All My Daydreams' (streaming below) doesn't convince her (or him or whatever you're into) to stick around the bar a little longer, nothing will. Singer Rob Arbelo has taken the normally distant chill-wave vibe, and infused it with a sympathetic heart usually reserved for old Motown soul grooves. It's an intoxicating (and dizzying) wave of sonic keyboard blasts that should help get you ready to finally start dancing when you'll see the band live on January 4th at Cameo Gallery. - Mike Levine

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