Fusilier, Shenna and Lohai play at National Sawdust's Revolution #21 on 11.18

National Sawdust's monthly appointment with great local acts operating outside the "indie rock realm" returns on Saturday November 18 with the live performance of three very interesting artists, united by an original but entirely different approach to soul music: Fusilier, Shenna and Lohai. More info here.

We created a YouTube playlist of their recent videos, check it out!


Fusilier tackles racial identity on newest music video for "Make You"

One of the most exciting resurgences in music lately, and the most important, has been artists’ eagerness to politicize their work. With his newest music video for “Make You,” Fusilier boldly doubles down on the messages of self-love and acceptance he’s expressed on his previous works. In the video, streaming below, we see Fusilier in three versions, whited out, normal, and blackfaced. In his own words, this division represents how he is seen by others as “themselves and the other, friend and enemy, lust and aversion” all at the same time. The song itself conveys the anguish this gaze causes him, but the video ultimately ends with Fusilier, his normal self, triumphing out his other, false, versions. We already knew that Fusilier had talent, but projects like these prove him to be an artist with the rare ability to instill compelling political issues in his original avant-soul productions. —Henry Solotaroff-Webber 


Fusilier's avant-funk is ready to march into your summer playlists

Some artists aim to make music that make you think, whereas others seek to make you feel, or move. Recent Brassland signee Fusilier somehow manages to play music that does it all. His electronic-funk sound enters through the ears and spreads to the rest of the body like a virus - a virus that only dancing with abandon can cure. Simple drum grooves drive 'The Moment,' while his seductive R&B vocals and the track's shifting arrangements contribute in forging a very personal sound. Bringing it alltogether is Fusiler's rock pedigree, as his distorted guitar riffs and bass paterns add a pop to really make the music standout.  Fusilier's sound is fresh, no doubt, and we can hopefully expect an EP from the ex-RIBS member soon. — Henry Solotaroff-Webber - Photo by Chris Oquist


Ex-RIBS member Blake Fusilier set to release debut EP in 2016

Ex-RIBS member Blake Fusilier may have left Boston, but we at The Deli haven’t forgotten about him.
Blake’s debut EP is due out in 2016 under the name “Fusilier” on NYC’s Brassland label. A mix of jazz, dance and R&B, the EP highlights Blake’s immense vocal talents and melodic abilities.

A sample of what's to come can be found via Blake's Instagram feed below. We'll be sure to share the rest of the tunes when they're available, but for now check out the Fusilier website  and Facebook page for updates about the singer, including the EP release and tour dates.

-Dan McMahon (@dmcmhn)

 Photo credit: Chris Oquist