Florist's "Emily Alone" LP out on 07.26, live at Baby's All Right on 08.03

In line with her emotional and observational tendencies, the artist behind Florist, Emily Sprague, is talking to us and herself about fear in (soft)spoken word, making many references to death and life on earth. "My hair is dirty blonde," Florist begins. ". . . Sleep early, wake early," the lullaby continues. The monologue is visual and representative of the artist's visions as she explores them on Emily Alone. The project, like the track, navigates stream of consciousness ideas with an emphasis on the elemental realm. "If I lose my mind, please give it back to the earth, fire, water, wind, earth, fire, water, wind, and lie down, lie down with me." Florist drifts in and out of song and line, passing between the two like there is no time for anything but also a vast wealth of it. Her mind is in the right place as she questions her body and spirit, waxing poetic and musing ideas.

Of the song, Sprague says: "'Celebration' is a love song for darkness and the peaceful end to all things. A song in three movements: reality, fantasy, memory.  In a lot of ways this song is the thesis to Emily Alone. Minimal arrangements - acoustic guitars, synthesizers, and voice accompanied by the ambient sounds of earth. Birds and water. The song begins with an experience of the now. It falls into imagining the way that things will always return to what they should be.  It ends with a burial of negative forms and the acceptance of a beautiful new path towards growing from nothing."

Emily Alone is available for pre-order now and out on 7/26 via Double Double Whammy. - Susan Moon


Lizard Kisses opens for Florist at The Park Church Co-op on 10.27

If you’re a fan of Florist’s ambient folk melodies and subtle production, you’re probably pretty excited about the group’s latest album and October 27th headlining show at The Park Church Co-op. You’ll probably also fall for opener Lizard Kisses. The Brooklyn collective’s music has a similar melancholic minimalism, though veering in its own directions. Light on percussion, heavy on dual low-high vocals, and full of charming instrumentation like synth and glockenspiel, Lizard Kisses’ sound is somber and heartwarming at the same time. Get to the show early and see if you can resist falling for them. – Cameron Carr


LVL UP, Stove, Florist slack together at Shea Stadium on 02.25

2015 has been good to Brooklyn LVL UP (pictured), the umpteenth band to prove that - nothingstanding what your teacher and parents said - you can be somewhat successful by either slacking or playing rock'n'roll music - they actually do both at once! The quartet is still riding on the heels of their "Three Songs" 7", which is available now via Run For Cover/Double Double Whammy, and have announced a February tour that includes dates with two other Brooklyn bands we dig: Florist and Stove. They'll be all playing Shea Stadium on 02.25. What a wonderful opportunity to stream a song per band! It looks like Florist is actually about to release a new album - preview single below.


Florist unveils new EP "Holdly" + tours the East and South

Today, Florist have shared the full stream for their new EP "Holdly," out October 30th on Double Double Whammy.  The band plays minimalistic, super sparse melodic folk, led by Emily Sprague's subdued vocals, whose delicate whispering is matched by her band mates' gentle accompaniment. No wonder the original nucleus of the band originates from the Catskills, where silence actually exists. In relentlessly noisy NYC, Florist's music is as close as you can get to silence. Or rather, it's silence's pretty sounding cousin. The band will leave for a two week tour on November 3rd.


Dream folk from Brooklyn: Florist plays Silent Barn on 02.20

Emily Sprague's DIY dream folk project Florist conjures up some of the most consistently sparse and quiet music you can hear in Brooklyn these days. This is pretty much a love affair between Eily's delicate melodies, a few assorted sounds, and the hiss of cassette tape, which seems to be the band's format of choice for both recording and releasing - by the way, who would have thought, 25 years ago, that hiss would have come back to fashion? We all hated it!). The three releases to date feature some beautiful songs, like the one streaming below, title track of the 2013 six track cassette "We Have Been This Way Forever." You can see Florist live at Silent Barn on February 20.