Fake Your Own Death

The Phenomenauts The Kegels and Fake Your Own Death at Rickshaw Stop TONIGHT

Rickshaw Stop will be hosting a night of bay area pop punk TONIGHTThe Phenomenauts will be headlining the night with their space-centric and playful punk sounds, tall TUK shoes, and eccentric stage show. The Kegels take on a reminiscent 90s punk sound that sonically resembles the likes of bands such as NOFX, with melodic dual guitar solos and “oooh oooh” choruses. Fake Your Own Death changes up the night, with new wave-esque vocals. Their sound, with is more contemporary alternative, basic, clean and simple – with a mild tempered melody and rhythm section, and balanced vocals. From the 90s punk blasts from the past to the adult rock styling of Fake Your Own Death, the night is a nice stray away from the clichés of independent music today. This show will be an interesting one that you won’t want to miss. - Victor Casillas Valle


Download: Friends of Tricycle Records Compilation Vol. 2 + New Video from Le Vice

The Bay's Tricycle Records is giving away some great Bay Area bred music on its latest "Friends of Tricycle Records Compilation Vol. 2," available for free download here. Provide an email address and get 18 tracks from many of the Deli's favorites bands including Big Tree, Le Vice, Loquat, The Hot Toddies, and more. Find the entire track list below.

While you're feeling the local love, watch Le Vice get thugged out in its new video for the band's take on Drake's "Underground Kings," off the recently released album Neverland.

--Whitney Phaneuf

Friends of Tricycle Records Compilation Vol. 2:

Big Tree, “Storm King”
Mister Loveless, “Wild Summer”
8th Grader, “Heavy Without You”
Le Vice, “Find You”
The Hot Toddies, “Boogie Nights”
Loquat, “Simple Song” (Shins cover)
Birdmonster, “Living”
Sioux City Kid & The Revolutionary Ramblers “Darlin’ Darlin'"
Rich Girls, “Sink Like Stones”
Fake Your Own Death, “Reindeer Games”
Paranoids, “Astronaut”
I Am Animal, “Just You Wait”
Here Come The Saviours, “Tomorrows Version Of Me”
Magic Fight, “I’m Not (Going Back)”
Teenage Sweater, “Oceans and Seas”
The Union Trade, “Everyday Including Holidays (Remix)”
Lilofee, “Girls on My Brain”
Vows, “OurBrethren’s”