Elvis Depressedly

Foxes in Fiction play Shea Stadium with Evlis Depressedly and Alex G on 08.16

Foxes in Fiction started out as a project based around Warren Hildebrand's interests in tape machines, field recordings, and sampling and the manipulation of those mediums.  His music is ambient, intimate, and surreal; almost all of his tracks feel like they're floating on air, existing in a dream like state.  The manipulation of the sounds from the environments that surround us has long been explored (starting with the futurist painter Luigi Russolo and his manifesto, The Art of Noises, in 1913!!), and it brings us joy that there are people still exploring those mediums in the NYC DiY community.  Taking music past the point of what our ears are conditioned to experience, Foxes in Fiction near the connection between music and Earth by combining the two: the world is an instrument, and Foxes in Fiction shows us this in a beautiful way.  

Hildebrand also co-runs Orchid Tapes, who put out records by both Alex G and Elvis Depressedly.  The reason I mention those names specifically is because all three of those artists are playing a show at Shea Stadium this Saturday August 16 along with Emily Reo.  Alex G was our best emerging artist of 2013 for the Philadephia blog, and Elvis Depressedly is soon to be no more, so it's definitely a show worth checking out.  Stream Foxes in Fiction's song "8/29/91" below -Jake Saunders