Dougie Poole

Dougie Poole brings new wave country to Baby’s All Right 2.4

There’s something decidedly midwestern about Dougie Poole. It’s not so much the love for heartland country that Poole wears proudly on his sleeve, but the odd ways he stretches out those influences. Poole’s take on country sees mainly the sappy sentimentality at its core and embellishes that with generous reverb and synth-heavy arrangements. It’s definitely not country, but alt-country would be a major misnomer too... it owes far more to ‘80s synth-pop and new wave. There’s not much else like it, you really have to hear it to understand. You can experience this intriguing blend of influence in person next February 4th when Dougie Poole opens for Paul Bergmann’s record release show at Baby’s All Right. – Cameron Carr


Dougie Poole releases new EP and plays Baby's All Right 10/10

I can only imagine that old-school country vibes are a difficult sell in New York, but Dougie Poole, the self-proclaimed "Most Generally Well-Adjusted Country Singer/Songwriter" delivers just that, and in a way that may even be compelling for listeners with more Northern musical leanings. Olneyville System Special EP, his latest release, has one foot in traditional country, but there's something about the instrumentation that feels very modern, and certainly self-aware. This, coupled with Poole's smooth baritone voice makes the EP mandatory listening for even the most discerning anti-country New Yorker. Check out "Olneyville System Special" streaming below and catch Poole at Baby's All Right 10/10 with Still Corners and Foxes in Fiction. -Olivia Sisinni