Divino Nino

Divino Niño "Coca Cola"

Divino Niño has released a new single, “Coca Cola”, from their forthcoming album Foam. The album is set to be released on June 21st via Winspear.

This is work of Camilo Medina, Javier Forero, Guillermo Rodriguez, and Pierce Codina.

You can catch Divino Niño on April 11th at Thalia Hall with Durand Jones & The Indications.


Divino Niño “Foam”

Divino Niño has released a new single and video for a track called “Foam” via Winspear.

You can catch Divino Niño at Thalia Hall on April 11th.


Divino Niño @ Canvas

It seems like we have been talking about Divino Niño's album Pool Jealousy for awhile now and earlier this month it was officially on vinyl and digitally by The Native Sound. The album is perfect example of the state of Pysch rock in Chicago.

The band will be celebrating the release on May 9th at Canvas and will also be performing on May 22nd at Double Door with Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas.


Divino Niño "Pool Jealousy"

Local psych band Divino Niño have announced the details of their forthcoming debut album Pool Jealousy. The album will be released by The Native Sound on April 8th and will feature tracks like "Pink Diamond", "Bottle Demon", and the latest single "It's Been Like It Never Used To Be". Divino Niño is Camilo Medina, Javier Forero, Guillermo Rodriguez and Pierce Codina.

Medina and Forero met in Bogota, Colombia when they were very young, reuniting again in Miami, Florida in 2003, and have been playing music ever since.

You can catch Divino Niño at Cole's on April 4th for FREE.


La Kaza and Divino Nino @ Empty Bottle

Two bands with a history and shared members are performing this Sunday, March 24th, at Empty Bottle.

Divino Nino is Camilo Medina (vox/guitar/percussion), Javier Forero (vox/bass), and Guillermo Rodriguez (vox/guitars). Camilo and Guillermo were formerly in a band called Continental Breakfast. They just released their debut album Pool Jealousy.

La Kaza is a project consisting of members of Ornery Little Darlings and Divino Nino, and their debut effort comes out this April. Somewhat fitting for Chicago these days, the band's name is a play on the local street gang La Raza, and they claim that they have built a home base in the same abandoned auto garage that previously was the main cocaine stock house for the gang.

Below is the first single, "Carmelita y Rosalita", from La Kaza