Daniel Knox

Daniel Knox "Fun"

Daniel Knox has released a new single called “Fun”. This song was written for the upcoming Laura Scruggs documentary on the local toy store Uncle Fun.


Daniel Knox

Daniel Knox has released a John Atwood directed video for his track "David Charmichael". The song appears on his 2015 self-titled LP.

He also released a massive 3 hour collection of scores he has created for various theater and film projects over the years called Work For Hire: Music For Theater & Film.


Daniel Knox "Don't Touch Me"

This week Daniel Knox released his self-titled album on Carrot Top Records. You can purchase the album in all versions here. The album's first single is called "Don't Touch Me" and is accompanied by the beautifully directed video below.

Knox will be performing at a sold out show at Constellation on Saturday Feb. 28th.


Daniel Knox CHIRP Session

CHIRP Radio recently posted a live session with Daniel Knox. As we have mentioned the new album from Knox will be released on Feb. 24th via Carrot Top Records.

You can catch Daniel Knox at Constellation on Feb. 28th with Josephine Foster.


Daniel Knox

Back in November we brought you the first single, "Blue Car", from Daniel Knox's new self-titled album being released on Feb. 24th. The album is now available for preorder through Carrot Top Records and Knox has announced a UK tour in March. Below is Knox's take on the Christmas "classic", "Last Christmas".

He also announced that the release show will take place on Feb. 28th at Constellation.