Daddy Issues

Daddy Issues Releases Single Ahead of New Album "Deep Dream"

Daddy Issues is back with a bang, releasing a fiery single, “In Your Head,” from their upcoming album, Deep Dream. The tune chronicles the mess of emotion left behind after a breakup, marrying rage and melancholy in a way that brings 90s alt rock and grunge classics like Bikini Kill or Nirvana to mind. Sonically, this is the heaviest work the trio has ever made. The guitar tone is full bodied, with enough fuzz to make the highs crackle while the bass thunderously fills in the low end. The production is high quality, moving in the opposite direction of their previously lo-fi/diy style and bringing new clarity to the fuzzy, grunge revival they execute so well.  This is, without a doubt, the Nashville alt rock band to watch in 2017. 

-Andrew Strader


I'm Here for the BOOs: Nashville's Halloween Playlist

Get tipsy off pumpkin beer? Check.
Watch Hocus Pocus and re-realize how awesome it is? Check.
Stress over the whole couples-costume thing? Check.

Create a totally badass Halloween playlist featuring some of my favorite local bands? CHECK.

Get in the spirit and give it a listen! -Caroline Bowman



Show Alert: King Bitch, Daddy Issues and I'm an Island at The End 1.5

With all of the holidays finally behind us, we're happy to be back to some semblance of sanity. We're also stoked to see more unexpectedly awesome lineups on random Monday nights, like this one: Trunkweed, King Bitch, Daddy Issues and I'm an Island at The End this Monday night. We've had passing obsessions in 2014 with Daddy Issue's pizza-and-Nirvana-driven garage rock and I'm and Island's floaty, lost-summer vibe. King Bitch managed to release a debut full-length/greatest hits collection via Infinity Cat last fall; below is their video for their lo-fi/glam punk and all-too-brief track "Video Blackhole." These three acts provide a good local anchor for touring, Baltimore-based act Trunkweed, who's bedroom pop bridges the gap between these sonic spectrums. In other words, it is a show worthy of your Monday night. The night starts at 8pm, and cover is $5. -Terra James-Jura



Daddy Issues, "Ugly When I Cry"

The Deli is a big believer in balance; for every yin there is a yang.  So after this past week of not being able to turn a corner without running into something Americanaramalama-ding-dong, it's nice to hear a song like this one. Daddy Issues could be the antithesis of all the Ritters, Ellis' and Eastons out there; three gals driven by pizza, the Electra complex and reviving the corpse of grunge rock circa 1991. Single "Ugly When I Cry" was released September 18th. This is half of the entire two songs recorded, and Daddy Issues have only a handful of shows under their skirts, but the way these tunes gnash along with the girls' cheekiness keeping their music's doom-y apathy in check shows the promise of future darlings of Nashville's garage rock. This band hase a handle on their sound, and it won't be long before they have a handle on their scene. -Terra James-Jura