Cross Record

Cross Record is at the Top of Their Dark Experimental Music Game with New "Wabi Sabi"

Cross Record is an airy, sophisticated and sometimes creepy indie folkish duo that writes, records and lives out at a parcel of gorgeous Texas Hill Country land known as Moon Phase Ranch. With equal parts technical, atypical instrumentals from Dan Duszynski and the ghostliest, lovely and philosophical vocals from wife Emily Cross, Cross Record will play well with the folk/psych indie lovers out there, as well as those into that whole witchy thing going on right now. Recent release Wabi Sabi has the two at their best yet, with building cerebral tracks that are as deep-thought provoking as they are beautifully spacious and emotionally gripping. Catch a two-track preview of Wabi Sabi here, including the modern stormy day folk song “Steady Waves,” and check out the poignant minimalist and symbolic prettiness of the music video for second single “High Rise” below. It'll get your spine tingling, and your mind soaring over a gloomy, picturesque Texas countryscape.


Cross Record

Husband and wife duo, Dan Duszynski and Emily Cross (aka Cross Record) left Chicago for Texas two years but have continued to make music together. Their new album Wabi-Sabi (Ba Da Bing Records, 1/29/16) follows that journey and finds Emily considering her past in Chicago and her feature in a new environment.

PBS released a documentary on Cross Record via Hardly Sound last year and it can be watched below.


Cross Record "Be Good"

Emily Cross may have relocated to Maine last year, but is still holding strong to her Chicago ties. As Cross Record, Emily creates music that complex, haunting, and so beautiful. She just released a video from the track "Cups in the Sink" which comes from her new album Be Good which will be released by Lay Flat next month.