Copper & Glass

Sioux City Kid Vandella Copper and Glass at Great American Music Hall - 9/27

Tonight at Great American Music Hall will be Sioux City Kid will be headlinging a mostly local bill. This band gives country music a gritty and edgy sound. Their song Wishin’ Well features background piano riffs and a powerful rhythm section, with encapsulating vocals coming from band singer and frontman, Jared Griffin. Vandella will be slightly twisting up the music for the night, with their blues-country-indie-soul sounding music. Their song, “Shine You Up” features the strong vocals of Tracey Holland with a danceable country-rock rhythm and melody section. Copper & Glass take a classic country sound – with a large emphasis around vocals and lyrics – and mold it with an indie type sound that features keyboards and melody based choruses.

How many times do you get a chance to see bands twist up the country music genre and make it their own? Be sure to catch these bands do just that tonight! - Victor Casillas Valle