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Best of NYC 2015: Open Submission Results for ALT ROCK:The Chorades, Psychobaby

It's time to tackle the ALT ROCK category of our open submissions for the 2015 edition of our Best of NYC Poll for emerging artists - you can see the results we published so far here.


Total submissions in this category: 21

Jurors: Jason Behrends (The Deli Chicago), Jordannah Elizabeth (The Deli SF) PDG (The Deli NYC).

Artists qualified to the next stage (i.e. the Readers' Poll, starting around 01.20):

1. The Chordaes - 7.66 (out of 10)

A just over one year old group of "Manhattan-born friends" (take that, Brooklyn hipster-immigrants, these guys are real New York, New Yorkers!), The Chordaes' music features elegant melodies, measured arrangements and a rather mellow approach, and may be best described as Alt Pop than Alt Rock - although the latter is the category they submitted for. But this doesn't really change the fact that this is a group of young and talented musicians with noteworthy songwriting chops, and a vocalist that can touch hearts in ways reminiscent of unforgotten NYC hero Jeff Buckley. Check out their single "Touch The Ground" and see them live at Rockwood Music Hall on January 30th.



The brainchild of fiery Brooklyn based singer songwriter Juliet Garrett and guitarist Godfrey Furchtgott, Psychobaby only released one song out at this (very early) stage of its career, but a song that - paired with an imaginative and well shot low budget video - bodes very well for the band's future. Sonic references to the riot grrl sound of the '90s are tempered by the lack of slacking: the band's sound is focused, Garret can sing, and the songwriting seems more inspired by artists from previous decades, like, for example, The Pretenders or even Exene Cervenka's X. Having attitude, character and a good song+video combo is a great start for an emerging band; Psychobaby's next challenges are prolificity, consistency of songwriting and a building killer live show. You can see the band live at Bowery Electric on February 13th.


HONORABLE MENTIONS (rating above 7):

Justin BaronWarn The DukeSketchyBloody Your Hands.

More open submission results coming soon!

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