Cambrian Explosion

Deli Portland Presents: Ah God // Cambrian Explosion // Mister Tang

Once you can come to terms with the fact that "typically amusing Saturday nights" never actually work out for you, you'll realise you should just go to the Deli Portland showcase at Kelly's Olympian. We've already gone ahead and taken care of all the planning for you and there will be three amazing bands, cheap booze and tons of chicks. Heading the night, Ah God, differential in their distant vibes, layered vocals and slightly-off melodies will make you feel cozy in the same way that sitting in a strange cabin in the middle of nowhere makes you feel. You're warm. There's no harm. You're incredibly stimulated in being in a new place with new people and you're taking in the new tunes. Before them, Cambrian Explosion do more than waltz with Eastern psychedelic rock, they intermingle in the most intimate ways. The band has been carving out a reputation for themselves in the Portland Psych movement and have been recognized for a​ reason. Opening the night like a 5-hour energy drink, Mister Tang have the ability to shift your mindscape with a single jolt estranged guitar. Stone and Jeff Tang mesmerize and intoxicate with their transcendental garage rock. Each band's sets will be recorded live and have a track contributed to a forthcoming Deli Portland/Kelly's Olympian/Revolver Studios live compilation. Doors at 8pm, the show begins at 9 and the cover is $5 which all goes to bands. SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC.

- Colette Pomerleau 

'Peach Sunset' from Ah God on Vimeo.



February Artist of the Month: Cambrian Explosion

After a rocking two week campaign, Cambrian Explosion and their bluesy waves of ethereal psych-rock have claimed victory in our latest Artist of the Month Poll. Their songs move like living organisms, crawling through vivid soundscapes built upon swelling guitar leads, crisp rhythms and textured organ drones. You can dance along with their psychedelic creations for yourself by listening  their latest release, The Sun EP on bandcamp. Congrats on winning the poll, Cambrian Explosion, we’re stoked to call you our February Artist of the Month. - Ben Toledo