Burnt Ones

The Spyrals and Burnt Ones Support Christian Bland and the Revelators at Brick and Mortar TONIGHT

San Francisco based underground staple psych band, The Spyrals along with the local experimental alt band, BURNT ONES will be supporting Austin, Texas' Christian Bland & The Revelators TONIGHT at Brick and Mortar Music Hall.

In case you didn't know, Christian Bland is the guitarist of the ultra successful neo psychedelic band, The Black Angels...so that's incentive for you to show up right there. Nonetheless, Bland has a poignant style of his own and you should definitely come experience one of the most influential musicians of the current underground era.

Let us not forget that The Spyrals and BURNT ONES are no slouches of themselves. They are both really strong live bands and they will compliment Bland's sound well. It's going to be a great show. We'll be there!


Burnt Ones Release New Album + Play Record Release Party with Al Lover Useless Eaters and Violent Change - 4/12

Fresh out of their van, San Francisco's Burnt Ones are back home from another US tour, and they're finally ready to celebrate the release of their latest LP, Gift at Brick and Mortar Music Hall this Saturday, April 12. After a self-imposed six-month hiatus from playing live gigs, the band is making up for lost time with a fresh perspective on its music and live performances.

Though most listeners are familiar with the garage glam sound of the band's first two albums, particularly their pop masterpiece single, Gonna Listen to T. Rex (All Night Long) off of their debut album, Burnt Ones have pushed passed conventions of the traditional garage rock sound, forfeiting digestibility in favor of creating more well rounded material.

For Gift, the band channeled its erratic live energy in the studio, bundling their pop melodies inside warm distorted layers of dissonance. Fluctuating rhythms lend each tune capricious vibes, and the introduction of a drum machine tinges the record with foreign electronic flavors. Mark Tester's familiar vocals, particularly during those hushed and subtle tremolo moments, keep the songs anchored and facetted to the band's roots. Gift, which was released on Castle Face Records on March 25th, without a doubt can still be recognized as a Burnt Ones record, but this time around, Mark and company challenge listeners to pay closer attention, and to actively listen and locate the infectious elements that are always at play in Burnt Ones's songs.

If you accept the challenge, come out to Brick and Mortar this Saturday for the Burnt Ones's record release show. The event will feature performances by Useless Eaters, Violent Change and Al Lover. - Lauren Espina 


Burnt Ones Santoros Gravys Drop Swiftumz DJ Al Lover at Brick & Mortar TONIGHT

On Friday night, Brick & Mortar will be bringing together a number of garage rock acts to entertain you for the night. Burnt Ones, are headlining and will be playing some tracks from their recently released album, “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” which features some lo-fi vocals and a heavy fuzz sound. Santoros will be coming from Los Angeles to bring some folk sounds go their psych garage rock sound. Gravys Drop will also be playing some tracks from their newly released album, “Gumball” that features a 60s surf rock sound to the line-up. Swiftumz 's music will bring a much softer sound to the bill, and has a T-Rex-esque sound that will change up the sound of the night for a bit. And of course, DJ Al Lover will be playing some psych rock n’ roll music throughout the night. 

Be sure to head on out and support some great local bands! -Victor Casillas Valle


Burnt Ones The Hussy and POW! Play the Hemlock Tavern - 8/9

Tonight at the The Hemlock Tavern is bringing a showcase full of lo-fi sounds, heavy reverb, and twangy guitar with Burnt Ones, The Hussy, and POW!. Burnt Ones, have kept their streak of eminent local garage punk going with their second release, “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. Their psychedelic flavor, but garage sound, creates a great sound to truly get into. The Hussy, who have also just released their 3rd LP “Pagan Hiss” this May, take on a trashier sound, with varying levels of intensity that all unify together in their LP as a whole creating a diverse, but familiar, minimalist rock and roll sound. POW! takes advantage of heavy effects for their vocals and their unorthodox use of synths that help to create a memorable garage feel.

Tonight’s show will bring together a unifying genre – the rising garage punk genre – and bring about some talent who are all molding it into different sounds and styles. This is definitely a show to go to! - Victor Casillas Valle