Bridges and Powerlines

Bridges & Powerlines release new LP 'National Fantasy' on 10.14 at Pianos

In NYC, bands are born and die on a daily basis. Sometimes, though, they return. Bridges and Powerlines has been making records since 2007, which means that they have been around for at least a decade (congrats are due). The band plays a brand of indie pop that interestingly blends elements of folk,rock and synth-pop, although the rootsy factor is definitely more pronounced in the upcoming LP's first single and title-track 'National Fantasy,' whose video is streaming here. The storyline follows a backpacking skateboarder on a quest for direction, appropriately referencing Spaghetti Western bothvisually and sonically. The band will be celebrating the new release with a show at Pianos on October 14th. - photo by Mara Abols


Bridges and Powerlines release 'Better' - a celebration of Brooklyn

For the band that loves all of Brooklyn's neighborhoods, they seem to hold a special place in their heart for good old Billyburg. I can relate. Bridges and Powerlines' latest video for their single 'Williamsburg' showcases a solitary biker going through streets, scenes of band rehearsals, and all things kaleidoscopic for an animated nocturnal adventure that finds the band at their most rocking and anthem-tastic. Check out the single 'Greenpoint' below, and grab the record 'Better,' just released last week. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)


Bridges and Powerlines announce new EP + play Public Assembly on 03.29

There's this amazing mac and cheese place in Greenpoint that serves a variety of dishes, each named for a different Brooklyn borough. Some are spicy and burn going down, others are meaty and full of flavor. Well, stretching this analogy as far as humanly possible... electro pop group Bridges and Powerlines is a little bit like that mac and cheese. With every track of new LP "Better" named for a different BK hood, singer Andrew Wood moves through synths and dials to cover a range of dissonant, highly personal stories particular to his favorite borough. 

The band has a new EP coming out later in the Spring, while below you'll find a recent demo. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)