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Weight on the Brain
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<p><a href="" target="_blank">Battleme</a>&rsquo;s latest EP, <em>Weight on the Brain</em>, is a balancing act of heavy tones, tight instrumentation and addictive hooks. The four tracks within, though separated by a wide dynamic range, flow together to create a specific tone that ties each to the next. Opening with static, fluent guitar ambiance feeds into a controlled build that breaks into the opening song, &ldquo;Just Me.&rdquo; Walls of sound are contrasted by moments of softness as relentless vocals tread between calm and aggressive timbres. The music moves through a vivid crescendo into &ldquo;I Know,&rdquo; a song that plays with odd time and expresses confidence through raspy shouts and crisp, seismic rhythms. &ldquo;Cobweb Portrait&rdquo; provides a momentary rest in a piano driven progression that fuels one of the most magnetic guitar leads on the EP. The song provides both emotional clarity and intelligent arrangement, every word said with conviction and every note played with intent. &ldquo;Shotgun Song&rdquo; completes the EP; composed of driving rhythms and fuzzed out guitar leads, it draws the collection of songs to a close with a staccato note that acts like a period at the end of a sentence. Through strong musical direction, unique tone and progressive flow <em>Weight on the Brain</em> shows that, above all, there are still innovative musicians within the alternative rock genre. Hopefully Battleme will be exploring and expanding its musical landscape for years to come. -<em> Benjamin Toledo</em></p>

Battleme EP Release at Bunk Bar 9.20

Portland’s songwriter extraordinaire, Battleme is back with a new label, new band members, and a new album that officially releases on Oct 8, 2013. Weight On The Brain (El Camino Media) is the follow up to a highly acclaimed and prominently featured self-titled first in 2012. Although the band’s founder, Matt Drenik (former member of Austin based band Lions) has many accomplishments his belt, this new album and current band has been his main focus. He is a famously hard worker that never disappoints, especially when it comes to a live show. Now a four piece, this band can deliver a sound with immense depth and raw flavor. The wide variety of songs they play shine a light in just about every direction of the musical spectrum, and are brought together by Matt’s etchy vocals and timeless songwriting. “Just Weight” is the first released song from the new album and immediately proves that rock and roll isn’t dead, in fact it’s just begun. - Colin Hudson


Battleme Plays Bunk Bar 3.2

Sometimes you need a little bit of variety and Battleme gives his listeners plenty of that. Even so, his music doesn’t get so vastly different that there’s no flow between songs. He has a unique way to mesh different styles in the way artists such as Beck can. The pleasantly high pitched vocals of Matt Drenik bring everything together. While one song will breakdown in an electronic rock way like the last time you heard Daft Punk, another will sit back on the acoustic guitar in folk fashion. Matt’s voice combines with carefully written songs and masterful production (with help from Timothy Turner of Ghostland Observatory) to set the stage for the three piece live band to give a phenomenal and intimate performance at the Bunk Bar this Saturday night with Bike Thief. - Colin Hudson