Wild NYC bill at Rough Trade on 01.12 with Bambara, A Deer A Horse and Gnarcissists

The faint of heart (and/or ear) should avoid at all costs Rough Trade on the eve of Saturday January 12th, since three loud and aggressive local bands will grace the venue's stage in quick succession starting at 9pm. Headliners Bambara have refined their gloomy psych rock in ever-darker and tenser directions with their latest two full lengths, while sludge rockers A Deer A Horse will be a worthy opener, sharing those same traits minus the psychedelic ingredient. Opener Gnarcissist will bring to the stage a more traditional (and fun) DIY punk with a markedly drunk and chaotic attitude. Tickets are on sale here, check out a playlist of vidoes below.


Bambara celebrates release of noisy third LP at ALPHAVILLE 04.13

The first instinct when hearing Bambara is to label it as a noise-rock outfit, but pretty soon there comes a hesitation. The New York transplants, originally from Georgia, bring a sort of Western rhythm into the affair. The howling guitars start sounding like an ominous wind ripping across the new frontier, the groaning vocals become an impassioned southern drawl. That may be overstating certain influences, but it is true that the core of Bambara’s sound is a mutation of guitar music, manifesting in near-forgotten influences (desert rock?) and otherworldly contortions of guitar noise. That remains just as true on the band’s third album, Shadow on Everything, released last week. It’s a dark, effects-heavy piece of post-punk that draws apt comparisons to the deep, tense and troubled music of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. On April 13th, a week after that release, Bambara will celebrate the album live performing with added accompaniment from strings and saxophone at ALPHAVILLE. Listen to Shadow on Everything below. – Cameron Carr


An interview with Bambara about recording

Brooklyn/Athens based trio Bambara plays that niche genre - unknown to most mortals - called "noise rock." You may have more luck getting a reaction from saying the words "Sonic Youth," the NYC band that pioneered and perfected the genre in the late 80s. In their latest album "Dreamviolence," the trio takes things to darker and sometimes even noisier extremes. We asked them a few questions about how it came together. The guys are lucky enough to have a sound engineer in the band, William Brookshire, who recorded the album and answered our questions. Read the interview on The Deli's gear blog Delicious Audio.


Weekly Feature: BAMBARA celebrates vinyl release tonight (08.30)

BAMBARA finds beauty in disturbing places, which makes them fit perfectly with the tradition of NYC music. The heavy psych trio will celebrate the vinyl release of their album DREAMVIOLENCE tonight at Cakeshop - do not attend sober (or without earplugs!) - LINK: Jack McGovern's interview with BAMBARA


Noisegazing trio BAMBARA at Shea Stadium on May 4th

Emerging as the latest entry into New York’s ever growing Psych Rock scene comes the Brooklyn based trio BAMBARA. Recognition of their shared sonic kinship with legendary New York bands like A Place To Bury Strangers and Swans most likely served as motivation to leave Athens, Georgia for the grittier Bushwick lifestyle. The band will now release their much anticipated debut full length album “DREAMVIOLENCE” via Arrowhawk Records as well as their own Emerald Weapon imprint. As you may evince from their predilection for all caps, this is not a band interested in whispering. Current single “Nail Polish” throttles along at a frantic pace, with warped guitar textures conjuring twisted carnival merry-go-rounds of an unsettling dream. “All The Same” creeps up from misty swamps until an overloaded bassline and clattering drum pattern cuts through it all with caustic force. Catch them live at Shea Stadium on May 4th. - Dave Cromwell

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best Psych Rock songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!