Axons @ the Hideout 4.7.22

On March 2nd of 2020 we wrote a post on the debut album, "I Object to Everything" from Axons and their upcoming release show which was scheduled for March 25th, 2020.

Well, it may be too late to post a retraction, but obviously neither of those two events took place. However, we are happy to announce that the album from Axons is now set to finally be released on April 8th!

This is the Indie Pop of Adele Nicholas, Princess Ojiaku and Sarah Sterling. The first two singles, "Past, Present, and Future" and "Shove It", can be stream everywhere now.

You can help Axons finally celebrate the release of their debut album on April 7th at the Hideout with Shannon Candy and Deep Fake.


Axons "I Object To Everything" Out 3/12

Axons are preparing to release their latest album I Object To Everything on March 12th. This is the first new music from the trio since 2015, and they are returning with a compelling concept album. The album is "inspired by the true story of how two federal prisoners, Joseph Banks and Ken Conley, escaped from the Metropolitan Correctional Center in downtown Chicago by rappelling 17 stories down the side of the building on ropes fashioned from braided bedsheets sewn together with dental floss on an icy December night in 2012".

Last Fall the trio performed two of the new songs on Live at DZ Records. You can watch them perform "Past Present Future" below. Axons is the work of Adele Nicholas, Princess Ojiaku and Sarah Sterling.

You can catch Axons on March 25th at The Whistler with CHNNL as part of CHIRP Night.



Axons are preparing to release the first single from their forthcoming album, I Object to Everything. This is the trio’s first album since 2014 when this was just a solo project of Adele Nicholas. Axons is now the work of Adele Nicholas (songs and guitars), Neal Conrad (drums), and Princess Ojiaku (bass).

Below is a demo of a song called “Past, Present and Future” to give you sense of what can be expected from the new album.

You can catch Axons on December 14th at Tone Deaf Records (4356 N. Milwaukee) with Jessica Risker and Thomas Comerford Band.



Axons is the work of Adele Nicholas. Earlier this month she released her debut EP Inter Vivos on cassette and digitally. Her sound is filled with dark electronics and wonderfully haunting vocals. Her first batch of cassettes sold out quickly so I would recommend grabbing one of the second batch while you still can.

Photo by Rob Gaczol