Arthur Moon

Fresh Buzz: Arthur Moon announces debut LP, plays Elsewhere with Palehound 07.10

We've been huge fans of Arthur Moon for awhile. Admittedly, releases-wise things haven't been moving at break-necking pace for the the avant-indie project of queer artist Lora-Faye Åshuvud, as it often happens with music that's a little more sophisticated than the average. And Arthur Moon's music is a lot more sophisticated - and complicated - than the average. But finally word is out that the project debut album, following their excellent 2017 debut EP Our Head and a few singles, is about to drop, and preview single Homonormo bodes well for an outstanding release. Subverting anything that can be subverted in the rhythmic, melodic and production realms, this vocoder and plodding drumbeat-driven song finds a perfect balance between experimentation and melody, with Lora-Faye's vocals guiding us charmingly and confidently through an unexpected path of sonic twists and turns that never sound forced. 

Arthur Moon will be performing live at Elsewhere with Palehound on July 10th, with the debut record scheduled for an August 2nd release.


Avant-Pop artist Arthur Moon Releases New Single 'Standing Wave'

Queer pop artist Arthur Moon possesses a rare ability to take contrasting voices and pull them forcibly into close conversation. Her last single 'Wait a Minute' exposed hidden relationships found in otherwise opposed historical events. The video juxtaposed footage from old Dyke and Pride Marches with mid-century advertising tropes, producing a jolting experience where the viewer is left wondering what, if anything, do these two dominant cultural forces have in common. In less capable hands, this level of ambition might come up short on results, but Moon works as an alchemist with her sources.

In her latest single 'Standing Wave,' she continues this sorcery with even more directness. The track is supported by an off kilter groove undergirding a strong and alternately soothing melodic contour, working as a defibrillator that delivers sudden jolts to keep your heart beating in rhythm. Listen to both singles below. - Mike Levine (@goldnuggets)


Arthur Moon plays Baby's on 07.30 + talks about gear and the creative process

Avant-pop sextet, Arthur Moon, recently released their sonorously boisterous debut EP, Our Head, and since then, the record's delicate, electro-tinged 5 tracks have been defiantly stuck in our heads. We recently saw the band at a Sofar Sound show and were mesmerized by their performance (check out the video of their Beatles' cover from that same show, streaming below), so we highly recommend you check them out at their next live performance at Baby's All Right on July 30th.

Our sister pedal blog Delicious Audio just published this interview where they talk about gear and the creative process.


Deli sponsored showcase "The Revolution Vol. 13" at National Sawdust on 3/18 with Marie Davy, Arthur Moon, Jakk Tha Rhyma, (U)nity, Iris Lune and Nikara Warren presents Black Wall Street

The Deli NYC is proud to sponsor National Sawdust's one year anniversary of The Revolution (VOL. 13), scheduled for March 18th at the stunning venue in the heart of Williamsburg. The performance series continues to highlight rising local artists who strive to showcase the evolution of this city's amazing and multi-faceted music scene. Performing at the upcoming show are the following artists: R&B-influenced Marie Davy, indietronic crooner Iris Lune, the jazz vibraphone virtuoso 'Nikara Warren presents Black Wall Street,' avant-pop prodigy Arthur Moon, hip-hop rhyme master Jakk Tha Rhyma of Pro Era, and the Cuban-influenced sounds of (U)nity. For those looking to tap into what's coming up in the New York music scene, this show is a must-see. More details for the March 18th event are available through Eventbrite. - Will Sisskind


Best of NYC Indie Rock Category Final Results: Big Thief, Cut Worms, Baby Acid

The Indie Rock Year End Poll Results are finally in!

Overall Poll Winner (Combined Juror + Reader Poll Votes): Big Thief

This indie rock quartet graced the cover of our winter 2017 issue of The Deli, and offers catchy and melancholic indie rock that sticks to the soul. They hone a fuzzy, distorted rock sound with folky overtones and production that cleans it up enough to be endlessly listenable. 


Overall Poll 2nd Place: Cut Worms

Cut Worms offers 60s pop revival reminiscent of anything from The Beach Boys to Gerry and the Pacemakers. With catchy, simple, and relatable tunes that satisfyingly dabble in the retro, Cut Worms knows how to catch an ear. 


Reader Poll Second Place: Baby Acid 

Baby Acid is self-described as "grunge-gaze" and it's easy to understand why on a first listen. They blend the fuzzier, harder, heavier elements of grunge with the the reverb-soaked, sound walls and atmospheres of shoegaze to create an entire sonic space. 


Here's the list of all the finalists with their Readers' Poll scores. As always, we'd like to thank all of our artists, jurors, and readers for participating in this year's polls.  Stay tuned and vote for all of our remaining genre polls! 

 Active Bird Community
  1%   14 votes
  1%   21 votes
 Baby Acid
  46%   637 votes
 Big Thief
  1%   16 votes
  0%   5 votes
 Cloud Becomes Your Head
  0%   6 votes
 Cut Worms
  0%   1 vote
 Deal Casino
  0%   1 vote
  0%   11 votes
 New Tarot
  0%   3 votes
 Not Blood Paint
  0%   5 votes
 Paris Monster
  6%   87 votes
  1%   19 votes
  2%   31 votes
 Public Access TV
  0%   6 votes
 Rachel Angel
  35%   481 votes
  0%   3 votes
  0%   13 votes