Adios Ghost

Adiós Ghost unveils new single "Uncanny Valley," plays Knockdown Center tomorrow (03.09)

Brooklyn's Adiós Ghost just unveiled the first single off of their upcoming debut LP, Fade Out With Your Phantoms, which is set to come out in April. While Adiós Ghost continues to embrace the West African-inspired sounds of their past, they've introduced influences of new wave and funk into "Uncanny Valley", referencing the groove-centered rock of early-80s art-rock legends such as Peter Gabriel. Those familiar with the band's 2016 release Endless Return will hear more of the signature driven vocals from Ben Sigerson, as well as other familiar voices through featured guests C.F. Watkins and Half Waif's Nandi Plunkett. The track itself was recorded at the studio of Drew Vandenberg, who's done production work for Of Montreal and Futurebirds, among others.

To celebrate the release of "Uncanny Valley", Adiós Ghost will perform at the Knockdown Center in Queens on March 9th with Shy Layers and Faten Kanaan. Stay tuned for details of Adiós Ghost's Eastern U.S. tour, which will happen this spring after the release of Fade Out With Your Phantoms. - Will Sisskind


Buzz Alert! Adiós Ghost plays Pianos residency on October 12,19 and 26

Pianos is one of the few NYC venues left that still dares to host emerging artist residencies (they actually do that in two rooms). We always pay attention to these bands, because the fact they were invited means they have a good live show and an expanding fan base, which are important factors for any band. Adiós Ghost is an adventurous Brooklyn band that plays an intricate brand of avant-pop that will excite the aural canals of those of you into Yeasayer and Animal Collective. Their recent EP 'Endless Return' is their first release since 2014, and it's a very interesting record. Employing electric and electronic instruments, and also saxophones at times, the band's arrangements shine for their transparent quality, and very processed references to African melodies and rhythms. Each song seems to be built on musical blocks that support and complement each other, resulting in airy and flickery compositions. Check out opening single 'Tension' below and don't miss one of their upcoming Pianos shows on October 12,19 and 26.



Adiós Ghost unveils new video + plays Littlefield on 04.10

The song "Fernseher" from Bed-Stuy-based quartet Adiós Ghost's EP is contradictory in an intriguing way. Sunny surf/tropical-infused rock is the backbone for some seriously melancholy themes. The lyrics are similarly gloomy: "The sun is always setting and I don’t know why /To think that I could chase it, just give it a try/You know you can’t erase it just by telling lies.” Take this duality and add in its striking new video (created by Brooklyn filmmaker Nathan Punwar), and the song becomes that much more layered. Armed with a floor lamp, a girl peers into what seems to be an earlier time, literally Illuminating the past. What exactly she's looking for in this hazy realm is a mystery, but the effect is ghostly and isolating -- she's watching this all unfold from the other side, through a lens of sorts. And that's appropriate given the song's name -- "Fernseher" means TV or television viewer in German. The solitary observer can't seem to crack the code, but it's beautiful to watch her try. See Adiós Ghost live at Littlefield on 04.10. - Corinne Bagish


Brooklyn Experimental Folk: Adios Ghost

With instruments such as banjos, mandolins, and twangy acoustic guitars it’s surprising that Adios Ghost isn’t more of a new grass band. Instead this Brooklyn quartet goes the rout of experimental indie folk, including varied percussion, hollow harmonies, and echo-like vocals. Some tracks start with a mellow, classic sound before breaking down on a unique beat like "October Snow" or an electric frenzy like "Fernseher." This music is the rebellious teenager of Bluegrass and Folk, throwing away old traditions and embracing the Brooklyn indie scene. Their latest self-titled EP is available here. - Lucy Sherman